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1000 hours smoke free   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-17 by alexisfree; 1333 views.

From: alexisfree


Thanks Blue!  Oh my goodness I swear today was very challenging. I went to a conference yesterday with my husband to help him further his business and I think it just took a lot out of me and our help with the girls is leaving tomorrow. The grandparents.   Honestly I’m afraid that I won’t be a good mom of two children all by myself. The anxiety is really high.   I just went to one of my meetings for another issue that I deal with and everybody smoking outside and I just wanted to smoke one but I didn’t. I’m so grateful for my quit that I definitely want to keep it. But I don’t know how to get relief from this anxiety that I feel right now. I remember telling somebody that the only way to get through it is to go through it so I’m going through it right now and it is very emotional. My friend came to see us at the conference yesterday and we took a picture together and I looked really fat and that made me feel sad too. Then I dropped the ball on one of the things that I was supposed to do for a client that I took on to make extra money.  I feel like my world is falling apart. Maybe it’s falling together I don’t know. It sure doesn’t feel like it though. Thanks to whoever reads this I really just needed to get this out of my head. I wrote in my journal and I drink my honey tea and then I came to a meeting and I think that’s the best I can do for today hopefully I can make it till bedtime.

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Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Hang in there, Alex.  Some days are just disappointedpersevereragesobconfoundedtired_face all day but we had those when we smoked too.  The junkie inside us is saying, " Go ahead and smoke, remember how rosy things were when you smoked, you'll feel soooo much better. "  It's all lies !!!!  That is why we quit, because we hated them and what they were doing and had done to us.  You are still going to be the wonderful flawed human you were when you smoked, just without the stink and slavery and all the other BS that went with it.  Don't fall for that smooth talkers lies. 


From: alexisfree


I know that's right Brenda!  Preach it!!  Yesterday was TOUGH, but I made it thru smoke free and I DIDN'T DIE!  That anxiety is KILLER!!!!!!!!  But its all good.  I'm safe, protected, and loved.  Love you all SO MUCH!!  Working on month end close at work so the next few days will be, ehem...fun.  LOL!  Wish me luck!  If I make it thru the next few days it will be a freakin' MIRACLE!!

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*snuuuuuggg* Keep breathing, peach blossom. One foot in front of the other foot. You got this. purple_heartpurple_heartpurple_heartpurple_heart

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


Wishing you loads of luck the next few fun days.  Sending big hugs your way !! blush


From: JohnsonFu


Keep it going alex! 

stay strong and positive! Find something to reward yourself with !! 

God bless!




1000 hours sounds like a long time to me Alex........Congratulations.



From: alexisfree


Thanks Johnson!