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Quitness Protection Program `11   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 12805 views.

From: gabser


Bonjour Louise,

Finally, I managed to create an account on this new forum. My 5 year mark was almost a month ago. Everyone in my family forgot the date, except my wife. I didn’t find any new Matt video but I assure you I watched all the old ones. Still loving them. I miss my quit buddies too.



From: gabser


Hello Donna,

I knew I find you here. I expected an email from about.com alerting for new posts, I didn’t know they changed the forum. I don’t think about cigarettes. Actually, I spent two weeks last summer in the company of smokers, not even a junky thought about. I know you fly sometimes to Australia. Did you meet any of our Aussi friends? I know someday I will visit my friends in Edmonton.


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Hi Gabser

So glad you found the forum again and are still among the quitters.  I view the Matt videos from time to time. He is putting together a new one right now I believe, or at least trying to get the money together for one.

I have to remind me and my friends on facebook at my anniversary every years of my continuation with the quitting.  I'm still so proud of myself.  I can be around smokers, and most recently in a casino that allowed smoking (blick) and have no desire to start again. That is a wonderful feeling.

I hope we continue this yearly reunion for the rest of our long lives.


From: Need_Freedom


Hey Gabser:

Good to hear from you.  Yes, it is quite amazing to not be on the smoke leash anymore.  I do THINK about it sometimes when I am bored, but it's a thought not an action that I will ever start again.  It is part of my past and I will not revert to who I was!!  I never did meet up with Terri or Wendy.  Terri kind of "disappeared" and Wendy did too.  However, I do have great friends in Aussie and they have never smoked.  Seems like at my senior age that most seniors have finally got the message.  Very few of us smoke anymore...thank goodness.  I did stand by a letter in Costco today who smelled yucky....guess that used to be me!!  

Let me know when you are coming to the west!


From: ModAustinPen



D (Duster1967)

From: D (Duster1967)


Congratulations on 5 years smoke free.  A great accomplishment!!

WooHoo!   Almost sic years!   in 10 days it will be six years for me!!  Who is still around?


From: l1717mary


Hi Louise

Well done six years u are amazing. I am only 24 or 26 days getting a bit mixed up .



From: ModDee


It's so good to see you!.  Hopefully some of you buddies will stop by soon.

Best wishes as always.

Hi Mary

I still remember well the agony of the first couple of months.  Hang in there knowing it gets easier and using all the wonderful support this site gives you.  Sometimes just doing the daily Nope Pledge helped me.  Other times I counted the minutes hours seconds dollars and sticks I had passed, just to get past those cravings.  I am confident you will succeed.  Keep writing out your feelings, use everyone and everything you can for support.  It is definitely worth the battle.