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Will the cravings go away?   Quit Support

Started Jan-13 by 1970Flyboy; 621 views.

From: ModAndrea


Yikes! Glad you figured it out and got through the day. Absolutely stay on the Chantix for the recommended time. It will help you as you meet the challenges of psychological withdrawal. Here's an excerpt from the article "The 'Icky 3's' of Smoking Cessation". If you'd like to read the whole article, there's a link below.

3 Weeks: Psychological Withdrawal

At three weeks, we've gotten through the shock of physical withdrawal and we're just beginning to tackle the mental side of nicotine addiction. This turn of events often triggers cravings to smoke that can feel like we're back at square one again.

Be aware...even though nicotine might be out of your system by this point, psychological cravings can produce very real physical reactions in our bodies, making a mental trigger feel like physical withdrawal. Thinking about that smoke break you used to take at a certain time of the day can cause tension that makes your stomach churn and leaves you on edge. It feels like a physical craving, and in a way it is...but the source is a thought, not physical withdrawal from nicotine.

You're doing great, Derrick! 



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