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Back again   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jun-17 by AliceMay5; 772 views.

From: Loreficent


So, did you use this forum back then? Maybe you’ve said that somewhere already but I don’t recall, I’m sorry.

Every day of success is a celebration really, but do you celebrate the anniversary yearly? Kind of like a second birthday or something maybe. Maybe it takes getting to a full year to really get it and understand the significance and have that sense of freedom kick in. I’m still hoping for that. The day to day going at it is definitely easier than the first few weeks were. Still...would be nice to just go to sleep this first year and wake up and have it be gone without question. I think the hard part about having a couple of slips is not being able to look back and say “I just did it”. Also though, it is important to not let those slips erode the view going forward by overthinking them. Still...always most admirable to see what can be done. Thanks again for coming back. 


From: Douglas8845


Hi Lori,

I probably came here every day to see how people were doing, how some were coping, different strategies and all that.  It was comforting to see how my struggle was pretty much like everyone else's.  Sometimes I would be having a really bad day, and coming here helped.. knowing I wasn't alone, happy to remain on the wagon, happy I survived a really bad crave.

For the first several years I celebrated my anniversary.  It was always the same, dinner at PF Chang's at the same time. I would make sure I got there and was seated by 6:15PM to request a glass of Merlot. I would only take my first sip at 6:26 PM, which was the moment I put out my last cigarette on July 23, 2012.  I did that for several years.  After a while, being a nonsmoker was the new normal and stopped celebrating.  In a way I missed doing that, but in another, it just showed how normal it had become to not smoke.

I loved my first twelve months, when I was learning at every turn how to not smoke.. all the holidays, crisis, joyful events, sad events.. had to do everything with no smokes.  It was tough, but so worth it, so memorable.

Whenever I'm having a bad day, I can think about how I quite smoking... and the day becomes a little bit better.


From: ModDee


Hey there,

Congratulations on 9 months.   



From: ModDee


Good morning,

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of relapses it that they erode our self-confidence and self-esteem.  We begin to wonder if this is sometimes we really can do.  I am here to tell you that Yes! you can do this.  You just have to find what works for you.   Over the last 17 years, I've seen hundreds of folks pass through this forum every year that has done it.  They were no better than you or me, just ordinary people trying to take their life back from this insidious life-draining addiction of ours and doing the work to make it happen.   Take a look at the article below on why the first year of quitting is so important. 

Just so you know I treasure every year that I've been quit; you will too.  The anniversary celebrations are less extravagant but no less meaningful, and I still am in awe,  and take much pride in the fact that I did something that I thought I never could or would do.



From: joywon15


This needs to me my mantra for now

I love it, dont be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try


From: TinyBadger


It speaks well to us quitters, eh? You'll do this, just keep trying. It took me a LOT of times before I could get to the point where I decided that I really could quit and got "serious" about it. I know I can, I just know it. With my nrt, support system and this forum I know I can do this. You can too. Promise.