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Weaning off Chantix    Health Support and Encouragement

Started 7/29/20 by Eve1973; 9186 views.
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From: Eve1973


Well I have done well so far on the weaning off.....starting on Friday I will cut down to 1/2 pill at night every night......and continue on the daytime pills 1/2 pill every other day. 

Let’s see how that goes! On Friday I will be at 9 months and really want to be completely off the Chantix by my one year mark! But not sure if that is possible, since I’m doing this SO SO slowly. Oh well....honestly I know that everyone has a different quit , so no matter what I do not want to go back to smoking, therefore if I’m a lil past a year.....so what. The dosage should be minimal at that point. I’m just convincing myself in this post.  The one thing I have learned in this forum, is to do what’s best for YOU! Whatever it takes for you to be smomber is CORRECT! Don’t let someone convince you either way, their method may work for THEM, but not necessarily YOU. 


From: TinyBadger


That's absolutely right! You do whatever you need to do to stay smober! If it takes you  a while, so what? You do you.


From: Loreficent


Ditto what Tiny said Eve. You do you! We got your back no matter what. In the grand scheme, who cares if it is a year or a little more. It will be a year or more that you have not smoked and THAT  is the prize! Go Eve!!heart_eyes

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From: Eve1973


So.....just updating. On 11/30 started to take 1/2 pill in day and night. So will do this for the next 30 days. So far so good on no real thoughts, dreams YES, waking craves/thoughts not really. It’s still a passing thought.

Thought about after this 30 days to just stop, but honestly I’m still on the fence and don’t want to have awful craves or something more. So I think will just continue my path. And keep updating this post. Someone down the line, may read this and have their own system also.


From: Cazza2468


Hi Eve. When did you quit and how long have you been weaning off the chantix?



From: Eve1973


Since July 30th....um just to let you know, you commented back in July on this post. 


From: Cazza2468


Oh ok

i was just wondering about the length of time weaning. Maybe I already asked. I’m ver forgetful these days. I weaned off over maybe a month and when I finally stopped I didn’t notice anything at all

good luck



From: Cocoa60


Great going Eve.  I used this forum and Chantix to stop back in 2007.

Have a great day.


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From: Eve1973


So another month has passed, still having craves/thoughts, the cravings are easily dismissed, but the thoughts are maddening. Seriously why after all this time should I still THINK about it. But I know I’m NOT crazy because others further along and a lil behind me are still “thinking “ about it!

Just shows how much this addiction had over me! I would not let a human treat me this bad, had no idea I actually was doing this to myself! Anyway moving on to weaning off......I have started the new regime!

Now 1/2 pill every morning

1/2 pill at night every other day

So will do this for another 30days and hope I can get thru this!

I know I am weaning off sloooooowly but this is what’s best for me!


From: gkim


It’s ok to do it slowly. The important thing is you’re not smoking and you are weaning. Nice