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Stop Drinking/Stop Smoking   Health Support and Encouragement

Started Jan-27 by AliceMay5; 148 views.

From: AliceMay5


I drink and smoke. I smoke and drink. 

I drink and smoke. I smoke and drink.

My life is a mixture of emotions I would really love a response to my dilemma.


From: gkim


That was me over six years ago. Drank and smoked, drank and smoked until I couldn’t live with it and couldn’t imagine living without it. I think it’s important to ask yourself is the drinking taking over your life. I say drinking only because although often times the two go hand in hand, you need to get rid of one that affects your everyday life first. In order to rid yourself of any addiction - alcohol or nicotine, you have to really want to stop. If it’s truly in your heart, there’s may ways you can. Reading about the effects of both may help. Please stay with us on this forum and I can tell you, quitting (to both) is doable!