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Started Jan-27 by AliceMay5; 490 views.

From: Anne2020


Hi Alice,

Have you read Allen Carr's Easy way to quit smoking?    http://prdupl02.ynet.co.il/ForumFiles_2/15119301.pdf

Have you decided on when you want to quit?

Have a look through the library in the column on the extreme left of this forum.   There are numerous articles regarding getting ready to quit.  Read  through posts as well.  Very helpful to share experiences.

Best of luck,  Cheers


From: Lubbercat


I think the few things I did before I actually quit that helped me in the very beginning was to make my list of reasons to quit that I could always go back and look at.  I also planned some changes to my routine around times I always smoked such as getting up a little later then usual or taking my shower during the time I would normally be smoking, then drank my coffee on my way to work.  I also started doing my dishes immediately after dinner so that the time I would be smoking right after dinner, I was doing my dishes instead.  Another thing I did was to make a list of actions I could take for when I got angry/nervous/etc instead of smoking.  List time goals and rewards for yourself......like 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, etc, etc.  Give yourself something to look forward to.


From: AliceMay5


Yes I have read Allan Carrs books.  I bought 2 of his books and also his online book, plus another different one on line. I have read his books and online books numerous times.  Some with success for short periods of time.  

I have to realise that I must make the commitment to myself to stop.  Then things will work.  I have enlisted my brother to help which has been useful.  I have been using NRT in the form of gum but also the lozenges.  I find I am using using these constantly even going to bed and waking up with the gum still in my mouth.  Because of this and because I was at the mercy of the nicotine I drank through despair.

In the past year I have managed 3 months at a time.


From: AliceMay5


Thank you for your helpful advice.  I will write a list, and also do things differently.  I find that you have the right advice and will try my hardest.

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From: abrewster14


29 days in. Congrats to every one where they are in their quit. Mental addiction kicking my butt today but no cigs no smokes 


From: Anne2020


When I went through the mental battles, I would play them out in my head like an actual battle of good vs evil.  The black spider man vs. the good spider man type of thing.  A whole battle/fight played out in my head.  lol, it helped to distract me.

Remember - you are in charge of you and if you have to do battle with a baddy, then YOU ARE WINNING.


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