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February 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here!   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 56999 views.

From: Loreficent


Right?? I loved it! And how could I not think of you two??

Do they still have them like this there? It’s quite nice!


From: KatieKat84


Yes we do still have lots of them and that looks like a genuine one - maybe it teleported over there?!


From: Suzy2018


Oh Lore - thank you for the hug, and for your messages.  I've only just seen them now as I've had my niece staying - she's quite a traveller and hardly ever in the UK, so I didn't want to miss any of it.

Your explanation of the family tree was perfectly clear, and how lovely that you are so close to your stepson.  Maybe I'll meet him and your daughter when I come to visit - oh yes, you've done it now - I am already making plans relaxed.    Seriously, of COURSE I'll let you know if we ever do get to your neck of the woods.  I hope we do, but I do feel a bit as if everything is on hold at the moment until my son is more stable. I also do need to live my life and have fun, though, and so does Mike (who never wanted children but is a wonderful stepdad all the same).

I'm glad you share my views about the therapist - I have felt furious, but at the same time not sure if I was being overly emotional or controlling.   I do think she meant well, but was completely out of her depth, and really confused him.  

At the moment, he is feeling good and has even joined a gym, which is a first.   He has another appointment with his psychiatrist this evening so we'll see what happens there, but I'm trying not to get too bound up in it all - it is what it is, and there's not much I can do except be there and listen.  I've spent 10 years trying to fix things, and am coming round to the idea that it's impossible for me to do it for him, and probably isn't mine to fix in the first place.    I hope that doesn't sound harsh, but I'm feeling much calmer - even a bit liberated - and your phrase "there are things that the more we resist, the more they persist" really resonated with me!  

With smoking thoughts, the most absurd rationalisation I've had lately is "I don't feel as if I've said a proper 'goodbye' to cigarettes".  It'd be like deciding to go back to an abusive ex-partner for a nice night out - completely ridiculous (although I did indeed do that with an abusive ex-partner, and got stuck for another four years - I DEFINITELY don't want that to happen with smoking!!).

Thank you for the picture of the phone box.  We don't have so many of them like that here any more - they're often chrome, glass and plastic these days, and I'm not sure I'd even know how to use one!  As for transforming yourself into a superhero, there's no need for that - you already are one, in my book.

Suzy x

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From: Loreficent


Hi Suzy and welcome back!

Im glad you got some time with your niece. I bet that lifted your spirits immensely! Yay! Sounds like she loves the life I dream of...nomadic. Honestly if it were up to me I’d sell this house in Portland and go on off and do just that, be a Nomad. Odd jobs maybe here and there. I could likely get a job and work virtually actually. I have a couple of friends that do that now, but they stay in the US and travel. One works from Hawaii 3 months she is there, then 3 months here, etc. So maybe there is hope for me yet! I want so badly to do this one Work Away I saw near London. Helping an older couple. I’ve put in for next May off, so we will see where that takes me! blush 
Yes, of course you are reluctant to make big travel plans right now. Not just your Son, but there still is this nasty virus creating havoc with travel and economies, etc. Things will work out. My partner now never wanted his own kids either, but like your Mike, he has been an amazing parental figure for my daughter. We have been together since she was almost 5 and she is 18 now. Her being older brings it’s own challenges to our relationship (with him for me and her). We will see how things play out. He has no desire to travel and I’ve no desire to stay joy. Of course I’d come back a couple of times a year for a few weeks likely (maybe?). So, our paths, yours and mine, just may cross either here or there! And we will definitely have some fun either place for sure. Actually, there was a member on here last Fall who stopped in, he is 15 years out, and he told of a gathering and picnic that he and several other members who had all met on here had. Sounds like they had a heck of a time kicking back together and have stayed in touch. 
I can imagine you feeling torn with all there is to process with your son and feeling like you also need to carry on with your life. Of course you do. What you said doesn’t sound harsh to me at all. I watched my Mom give up so much and sacrifice so much for my brothers. She ended up not having much of a life for herself due to it. We were quite close and when she was in her mid 80’s she gave me some very sound advice on all of it from her perspective in hindsight. She only lived to 88 and died rather suddenly and I’ve always been sad for her in some ways. Anyway, sorry to natter, but point being, yes...you absolutely must live your life too. The balance will come with things with your son. This is all rather new still and things will settle out and you all will find your footing and live your lives as you should; supportive of each other and fulfilling your own needs and desires too.

Hmmm. Proper goodbye to cigarettes, eh? Tread carefully with those thoughts. I think you spelled it out when you spoke to the other abusive person and ended up there 4 years longer. They are in your rear view mirror now. Perhaps just a little wave behind you will suffice. 

Honestly I relate to the head games we play with ourselves though. I can talk to myself in my head about a romantic interlude with a cigarette most days. Ponder how it would feel and still at times think I’d like it. Well, I like lots of things that (and who) aren’t good for me and I get by ok without them too.  I do think you should consider the patch before you buy more smokes. It helped me tremendously. I even put one back on for a few days when I had been off for a few months because a very stressful situation arose with a visiting relative. It worked and when she left I stopped the patch again. I didn’t smoke which was my goal. Stay in the moment. Write a bit of something each day. Perhaps I will start a new thread where folks can just pop on with a word or two about the day and the how, where, why, etc of how it played out for them without the smokes. Might be interesting...stay tuned. 

Oh that phone booth! It was fantastic! It had a little sign inside about it being an authentic one from the UK and how it got Seattle, and I meant to take a picture of that too so I could remember exactly, but got sidetracked and don’t have a photo of that. You’re funny...already a Super Hero. Mmm. I wish at times. Now perhaps a bit more like Maleficent than anybody. Stick to myself, commune with creatures...Balthazar guarding the gates and all that...hahaha! Anyway, I thought twice about transforming in that booth as it was rather open to view from top to bottom! Maybe only for transformations that occur after dark! joy

Ok Suzy...stay well and kind to yourself, and we will speak soon!

Lore, Xx


From: Loreficent


Hi Katie!

I just wrote to Suzy that it did have a sign inside attesting to it’s authenticity and explaining how it got there. I meant to take a picture and didn’t and now I can’t remember except it saying it was “genuine”. It was also locked confused
I have a friend here who is from the UK, and he brings antiques over and sells them. Like shipping containers full. I will have to ask him if he has a guilty hand in this, haha! He is in Portland though, so likely not. 

How are you? Is your Spring shaping up to be lovely?? Does this mean your water is warming also and not as refreshing to you? Also, does your daughter swim? I’m a big believer in starting them very young with that. My folks were those that threw you in before you could walk and let you figure it out. None of us drowned so I guess it turned out ok! 

Hope all is well! Speak soon! 


From: Suzy2018


Hi Lre,

Let me know if you get to that Workaway!   What is it, and why does that particular one appeal?  How exciting that we might get to meet one day!  I have a good friend now that I met on here in 2008 (that's how long it's taken me to get sensible).  This forum is amazing, in all sorts of ways.  

Yes, I will be careful with the smoking thoughts - I love the idea of a wave in the rear view mirror relaxed.  I really need to be on here more, I think - life is busy, but staying quit is really important !!

I've got the patches ready.  Don't quite know when I'm going to make the switch - it scares me a bit - but I'm going to pick a week where I haven't got much on so I can curl up under a duvet and watch nature programmes (THE most therapeutic thing there is, in my opinion, especially if there's some chocolate involved too).  So I do have a plan, of sorts.

You take care too, and speak soon. xx


From: Suzy2018


Hi Katie,

Just saying hello really.  Hope the water is cool and your daughter is funny, and that everything is going well.  I'm still going strong (the odd wobbly thought when I don't get on here enough, but not too bad).  Work has been busy, so I'm looking forward to that easing off a bit.

Talk soon I hope. xx


From: KatieKat84


Hi Suzy!

Thanks for your note. All is well thanks, just work has been super busy the past couple of week. Sounds like yours has been too. Hope you get some rest time.

I have indeed been enjoying some cool swims and my funny daughter, thanks for thinking of us. She’ll be 2 next month! I can hardly believe it.

How are you doing? How is your quit going? And how are things with your son? Really hope things have evened out a bit.

I had my vaccine on Friday - yippee! Feels such a relief. And we had a friend round for dinner this evening, it was lovely just to catch up and relax indoors. Fingers crossed we won’t have another lockdown any time soon.

Look forward to hearing your news :)


Quit 4th March 2017


From: KatieKat84


Hi Suzy,

just wanted to check in and say hi <waves> I haven’t been on the forum much lately but I do think of you and wonder how you’re getting on. Hope all is well in your quit and you and Mike are enjoying time on your boat free of cigarettes and all that they entail! Also hope your son is doing well.

I finished making that horse for my friend’s daughter and I will try and figure out how to post a picture.

Hope you enjoy the unusually sunny bank holiday! 

Take care and hopefully speak soon,

Katie x 

Quit 4th March 2017


From: Jatchat


Hi Katy, looks good