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March 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 2/28/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 66253 views.

From: boylant22


I was also thinking of switching to the patch as well - I feel like it takes some of the discretional control away from me. I’m setting a goal at 100 days to switch. I am on day 68 if you can believe it!

thinking of you and hoping you are doing well!


From: Suzy2018


Thanks Tanya - I'm feeling pretty good.   I might try to switch to the patches at the same time as you - I'll only be on six or seven weeks by then, but I'm thinking that a lot of people start off with just patches and manage fine.  I think I'll have to get myself some non-nicotine mints, though!

Congrats on 68 days - only two days off ten whole weeks!


From: oxanquits


Suzy2018 said:

I'd like to drive all the way across.

That's what I'd like to do too :) Maybe as 1 year smoke free celebration grin a great motivation too

I feel you are totally back on track Suzy and believe it will be a straight path for you now.

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


That is always nice. I think I will start to watch Line of Duty today. I want to go all around Europe...or a good bit of it. We are planning on going for our vacation after this. How is your quit going? I am doing okay. I have had other health stuff occupying my mind. Time goes by quickly and I am at 17 days again.


17 days


From: boylant22


Hello all!  Just checking in with all the March 2021 group to see how you are all doing. I hope well and everyone is staying strong in their quits. I am on day 80 today and time just keeps marching on. At this point most are ok, and the occasional day out of nowhere that hits and keeps you on your toes. We are marching into the summer months here which will bring a new season of being a non-smoker...outside and out and about with parties.  I hope there is enough distance between myself and my gross smoking alter ego to resist any urges with strength and Grace. 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you all!


From: oxanquits


Hi Tanya,

Thank you for reaching out, was wondering how everyone is too. 

I am 70 days today and it seems that counter slowed down again. I have cigs I used to smoke in the house and my feelings to them go from "How would someone wanted to smoke that ever" to "Mmm was nice sometimes to sit on the balcony and have one" that last thought is luckily rare and I don't believe it anymore. Happy to be a non-smoker and looking forward to a smoke-free summer.. the impossible is possible, we can do it! 

Wish everyone joyful new season ahead (I guess it will be winter for some here) sunnysnowflake


From: boylant22


Congratulations on 70 days!  I find it amazing to have made it this far as there was awhile that I wondered if I’d make it a week. I know what you mean about almost a trailing ghost of a thought Of what I “used” to do...sometimes melancholy in that. But we push forward :)

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From: BlueDahlia29


Hello everyone just checking in. Been so much going on lately, I haven't had a chance to check in.  I don't know the day I put my last cigarette out but it's at least a month and a half ago. Don't really think about smoking now most of my focus has been to remain alcohol free and am at 11 months with that in a couple days. My goal is to remain alcohol free and smoke free and am doing both atm so am thrilled with that. My daughter graduated high school yesterday and we're having a party for her Saturday, have had a ton of functions going on with my daughter the last couple weeks. I hope you all are doing well in your lives and with your quits, will try to come here more often.



From: boylant22


Hello everyone!!!  For all my March 1st group friends:  Guess what?  We are on DAY 90 today!  The last of the icky 3s!  

I hope everyone is doing well in their quit. I have not been on here as much as I have had a child graduating high school this year and sadly had my grandfather pass away this month too. If I can make it through these highs and lows, I figure I am doing well in my quit. 

interested to know for all those that used NRT if you have weened off of it yet?  I am still using the gum and worry some about relapsing when I try to go off of that. For those survivors, looking for tips!

I hope all of you, my group friends, are doing well. We need to take the time to be proud of ourselves!  Life goes on...and sometimes it seems that the focus on quitting smoking is in the rear view mirror and now it’s just become something else. BUT I do want to take the time to celebrate and also remember what an evil, sneaky habit this is and we will always need to keep some level of focus to avoid relapse. 


From: Jatchat


Congratulations Tanya, 90 days whew! I have not ever got that far along with my quit in recent memory. I did back in the 80's though, but I was not counting days quit, I can't even remember what year, somewhere between 85 and 90.