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March 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 2/28/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 65958 views.

From: boylant22


I am doing good and still happy to be a non-smoker!  It has gotten easier and cravings are fewer between, but when they come, we must remain diligent and strong. So good to hear from you and hope you are doing great!


From: oxanquits


Hi March-21 quitters. Checking in on my half year mark and probably similar of yours.

Reflecting on the journey so far I can share that the best benefit for me is seeing the world clearly, without fog, feeling the emotions to the fullest, no more cheating with nico-buddy. I got back not only my health, but my real life, accepting all that comes with it.

Leaving this here to remind myself that this is a great place to be. It’s not the end, but it’s so much better already.

Sending positive vibes to everyone who needs it sparkles

Believe in yourself revolving_hearts 

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From: boylant22


Congratulations to you on 6 months!!!  I am still going strong as well…about to hit the 200 day mark. I am so darn proud of myself and even happier to be living a healthier life overall. It’s amazing how much better physically and mentally I feel…freer and more self-confident. Cravings are rare now, but I do still have some faint ones here and there, but they are easy to dismiss with all of the benefits I feel and recognize. 

Besides that, my life has been more stressful then ever…my middle son left for college and is causing my anxiety to go through the roof with some of the choices he’s making (and I can’t seem to control or stop) and my 37 year old brother was recently diagnosed with heart failure with a life expectancy of likely under a year without a transplant. Talk about stress…and still I know that smoking is not my friend and would not change any part of those situations. 

stay strong all of my non-smoking friends and continue to make good choices one day at a time. 


From: oxanquits


Hi Tanya, sorry to hear about your stress. How are things with your middle son in college? I think it’s beneficial for you and him when you don’t smoke. This is part of learning to be smoke-free and you passed tough exam. 
So unfair and sad about your brother,.. I hope he can get the transplant asap! Hugs, 



From: boylant22


Thank you!  Things have been rolling along with still no smoking!  246 days smoker today. Hope you are doing well!


From: oxanquits


Glad to hear, yay 246 and counting ;) 
enjoy the freedom! I am right behind you with 237 today. It’s good to have you here and be reminded of our paths.


From: Anne2020


You guys are doing so great!   Well done!!  You must be feeling very good about now and so you should. 

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CC to boylant22

From: oxanquits


Feels great, Anne, thank You for support back in March! 


From: oxanquits


Over 10 month now!

It seems like cravings are already long gone, but let's be on guard. Although it seems easy to not smoke now, it didn't come easy.

I am forever grateful for this forum for being smoke free for so long and I will keep reminding myself that I want to stay free.

Happy January fellow March-21 ex-smokers!