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ROCKTOBER'S 11, 10 YEAR SMOKE FREE QUITAVERSARY!!!!   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Oct-27 by Obi (Obi-Waunday); 292 views.

From: xvaper


Thank you for encouraging us :)

BIG Congrats on your 10 yr Quitaversary...Way to go!!! It does take more than will-power and desire. It's takes passion, discipline, determination and a desire to NOT smoke. You have to make up your mind to QUIT smoking and not feel that you are giving up something. Take it one day at a time and just don't smoke TODAY. You have to be a warrior and fight for your life & freedom. Don't let nicodemon win!! I smoked for 42 years, hated smoking finally and Quit. The support on this forum was wonderful and helped SO much. Fought hard daily to get to the Clubhouse. Still saying/practicing NOPE.

Let's Keep kicking Cig butt!!!


Freedom since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!!