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Getting Harder   General Chit-Chat

Started 11/16/21 by Brenda696161; 370 views.

From: Anne2020


Your addiction is revolting against the smoking cessation you have created.  After 6 weeks, your addiction knows you mean business so it is mounting an all out attack to get you to back down from your quit. 

It's like all the receptors got together and decided to work together to get you to smoke.  These are the deciding crave waves.  If you can hold on through these, you will have gained major victories.  They will come and go for the next little while.  I call them crave tsunamis.  Don't back down - know that you are winning and that these last ditch efforts cannot overcome what you have built over the past 6 weeks.

You can do this!!!        

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From: Jatchat


Congratulations on 6 weeks, I am almost half way there, thanks for warning me about the cravings, it's been plain sailing pretty much so far.


From: xvaper


Totally normal. Don't fret, it will happen, your brain is starved from a very powerful drug it has depended on for a long time. Do not let that junky part of your brain rule you or disrupt your recovery. You're in charge. Make a list of why you quit smoking in the first place, remind yourself by re-reading all the material suggested on here. You need to re-train your brain and like everything in life, practice makes perfect. And of course ask for help like you did.