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December 2021 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 12/5/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 8603 views.

From: Jatchat


Obesity to, our partners are so alike, yes I wonder to, if my partner will look after me, she says she will, after 42 years of smoking I would be naieve not to think some damage had been done, yet I press on towards the goal of 28 days smoke free, I am at  26 days now, and in anticipation getting ready to set another goal, can't look to far forward, just settle with a day at a time

Walking and stretch exercises are part of my daily routine, and believe me it works I feel invigorated after a 1 hour walk, about 5 Km, just walk up the hill past the hospital, (where angels fear to tread) and follow the river to Hanging Rock, pause take in the view and proceed through the streets in a circular route back home.

I hope you went for your walk, gently does it at first, get Dr's advice if need be, my Dr said if everyone walked at least half an hour each day he would go out of business, that's how important it is to our wellbeing.

In Christ


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From: Lubbercat



I really believe living one day at a time is the only way to survive in this crazy messed up world.  You can do anything if you set your mind to it!  

I did walk but, only 10 minutes last night.  I will work on increasing it, if my dogs will let me......LOL  Last night I had them both crying and one standing next to the tread mill making me pet him as I walked.........it was quite a sight.  Walking outside is really not an option as there are no sidewalks where I am at.  In the summer, going to the parks is doable but right now it is too dark by the time I get home.

As for getting doctor's advice......I wanted to go to pulmonary rehab and I actually qualified through insurance but, I would have to pay $697 per session until I reach max out of pocket......that is NOT happening!  LOL  I could hire a personal trainer to come to my house for less

Hope today is good to you



From: Anne2020


Well done!  Just let me say that your dot is immense.  It make look small, but it carries a huge amount of weight.  You are doing great!  Keep it up and you will soon have another dot to put beside your first dot.  Exercise is a great way to work off the agitation from withdrawal.  Walking, punching pillows, seat cushions, sit ups.......anything to work off the stresses.

Remember to reward yourself.  Constantly, everyday, give yourself a pat on the back, a long hot bath, a much loved treat (ice cream) because you deserve it. 

Look at your non-smoking life and breath in deeply the sweet smell of smoke free air.  Wow, I bet you look younger already.

Congratulations on your first week - its the toughest to get through and you did it. Congratulations Celebrate GIF - Congratulations Celebrate Fireworks -  Discover & Share GIFs


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From: Jatchat


Wow! there are some roadblocks to your exercising, the dogs are devoted to you, won't leave you alone lol. We don't have a dog at the moment, our last one Snoopy, passed away about 6 months ago, my wife misses him, so do I but he cost us so much in vet bills, we are loathe to get another rescue dog, particularly a cavalier.

10 minutes is better than nothing, step it up if you can manage it to 15 min next time

I am on track to register 28 days on my quit meter tonight at 8 pm WooHoo!

We have had wet weather here the last two days

Kind regards



From: Quit4ever


Hi Anne!  Thanks for getting out the fireworks for me and reminders to exercise and reward myself.  Yes, my breathig is much better.  During the week I've gone to gym and don't eat my frustration.    But this looong weekend that im snowed in here, I turned to food and now don't feel good.   

The best news is I didn't smoke and I'm not going to.  I was so excited not to worry about running out of cigarettes in bad weather.  I'm so happy I don't have to stand outside to get my fix.

Adding my second dot, Quit4ever

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From: Quit4ever


Hi Anthony,  28 days is amazing.  I'm 2 weeks behind you and hope to be that way forever,


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From: Jatchat


Yes it was good while it lasted, New quit now your two weeks ahead, congrats


From: Quit4ever


Get back on track.  This time I'll lead the way.  

Just nope!

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From: HerbSouth






From: ElemenopyQue


Quit December 28, 2021.

As of February 3, so far so good.

Hardest thing I’ve ever done!