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BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


I wanted to echo all that have shouted out a great big Thank You to Denim for taking over. She was my MVP and hero over the last 4 years that I found this forum and saved my bacon. I quit smoking for me, but believe my success was due to all the quit friends I met within these posts and threads. Denim was always there with inspirational quotes that I sought out to carry me though the rough patches we all encountered with this addiction. She also stayed active carrying all those behind me.

I will try to stay in touch more often here and hope to hear back from from any friends who catch this post.

If you are new, read all you can regarding our mutual addiction and stay active on line here. I tried to quit many many times and succeeded one time, 4.5 years ago. The one thing I did differently my last time was to be active herein. I does get better, but only if you do not pick up another cigarette ever (NOPE). You all can do this.


OMG Brian!  I could not have said that better.  We were such a close knit group for that year and it is so great to check back in when we can.  Denim, you, Marilyn and so many others pulled me through so may horrible days that I just wanted to light up.  But I didn't (and neither did you) and here we are today.  I really hope we can give people inspiration that this can be conquered and life gets so much better without cigarettes.  So proud that Denim is leading the charge of this Forum now...can't think of anyone better to do it.  Hopefully I can do what I can to support her and everyone else here needing some encouraging words.



From: Denim50


Hey Cindi, 

I'm sent you a pm. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


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