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Pumped yet chill   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-30 by Jerthie123; 177 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all....

My journey continues!  Keep on keeping on!

I used 4 lozenges today.  But I didn't suck on any of them.  I spit them out after 10 seconds.  I don't know why I am still doing this!  I get anxious if I know I haven't had one.  Ugh.  I try to tell myself NO but it is a nagging need.  I don't want it but I want it!  Ugh###

So I am trying to reinvent!  Create new feelings and emotions during those moments where nagging ensues!  Ah me!!!  It is no longer a craving.  In ten seconds you cannot get any nicotine.  But for me... Just knowing I had it soothes me.  I don't need the nicotine! I need the security of knowing I had one.  It is annoying.  I am doing it but not doing it.  Ugh.


From: candrew


Doing it but not doing it. Ok. Sounds like a contradiction .So does not wanting to smoke and wanting to smoke. 

Caught your post tonight, thought I would respond before turning in. As we speak I am smoking my last cigarette before my nth attempt at quitting. I am 40 minutes late as I was planning to have my last at 12:01am this evening . What is 40 minutes compared to the rest of my life?

I have timed it perfectly smoking my last cig in the pack right now. 

Keep on working it kid. How ever long it takes. Remember that you are worthy of this (my self-love thing).

I know you will beat this soon.

Good night