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Day 1again!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 5/5/22 by Devildog2147; 14419 views.

From: AsthmaGirl


How’d the quit go Andrew?

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From: Jerthie123


Hi Lore....

Can you please tell me the name of the ebook you told Anthony about? I would like to have a look at it. Ty!


From: Loreficent



Hi Jerthie!

Let me know if that link doesn’t work. The book is a little funky to navigate. Only in the sense of going back or ahead. But it is full of information that will help you understand the addiction to nicotine.

Anne sent a link a couple of weeks ago that I thought was really beneficial. Not sure where that is but the woman’s name is Nasia Davos and she has a lot of videos on YouTube. If you put “CBQ Method quit smoking” in the YouTube search they will come up. I’ve been watching a lot of them and they are excellent! 

Hope you are doing well all around! Haven’t seen Andrew much for a while. I wrote him several days ago to check in but haven’t heard back. My notifications were broken on here for a while and I lost touch for a few weeks of posts and replies. They are fixed now and that has been a huge help.

Hang in there Jerthie! 


From: Jerthie123


Thanks so much Lorificent!!!


From: Jerthie123


Oh no! Lore, everyone I just wrote out the most poignant message describing everything I have been going through these last two months and it did not post! Oh well! My day must go on! I will re-write another semblance of it later today because I would like to share with you all the great complexity of emotions I have felt for the last 8 weeks... And how I thought nicotine in the form of the lozenges was relieving me of crippling anxiety, when in actuality it was exasperating my suffering! A lot has happened for me emotionally in my personal life, and as a result my use of the lozenges increased from 8 a day to 10 a day to 12 a day. I thought the lozenges were relieving me and helping me deal with additional emotional stress in my life, but honestly, they just left me wanting and wanting for another and another. I thought the lozenges were helping me to heal and move on from turmoil because the turmoil was so great, I was not doing my regular everyday things. I will end this post here because I have to go. I will continue though! So much has happened, hence I have not been as active as I used to be. Thank you to Lorificent who shared the link to the e-book for me, and to the rest of you all who have put up with my on and off quit journey. Good day!