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7 Years Today   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started May-8 by AnnieXS; 705 views.

From: AnnieXS


I'm thrilled to say that I've reached my 7-year milestone today!  I don't believe I would have sustained this quit had it not been for the support I received on this amazing forum.    

Quitting feels very scary in the beginning.  Changing a habit that has been woven into every action, emotion, every waking moment, over the course of this horrible addiction, takes time.  Everyone is different, but I believe it takes a solid year to get off the roller coaster.  I read, read, read all of the great articles and milestone posts.  It motivated me to read about those who succeeded, to know it could be overcome, and understand this wasn't a special relationship, but a hardcore drug addiction. 

The secret of success... you have to want to quit more than you want to smoke.  Once you stop thinking that you are depriving yourself of a cigarette and realize not smoking is the reward, you will persist.  I honestly never thought I could quit but I started to get the very distinguishable smokers cough.  A switch went off and I finally changed my mind.  That said, even with the correct mindset, it is still a challenge in the early days, but it can be overcome.

After the first couple of years, time flies by, you identify as a non-smoker, and your mind is free.  I learned how to experience my emotions without the cigarette relationship (this took time).  I realized how completely obsessed my thought process was with the next cigarette from the time I woke up until the time my head hit the pillow (exhausting) and learned how to fill that time with other thoughts. That "void" subsides.  I stopped worrying about when I was going to die from a cancer-related illness.  Although I deal with asthma, mostly no more shallow breathing when exercising.  After an abundance of caution, I recently caught COVID, which has been hard on my lungs.  I'm fairly certain I would have been hospitalized had I still been smoking.  My quit meter today - 25,569 cigarettes avoided and $12,081 dollars saved.  There is no downside to kicking cigarettes to the curb. 

I always say it's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but If I can do it, you can too!    

My daily mantra, which is that of the forum's founder...

If you want to change your life, change your mind.


Quit May 8, 2015


From: Jerthie123


What wonderful inspiration!

Thank you so much for sharing!!


From: AnnieXS


You are so welcome!  Thanks for reading it. :)

Sending positive thoughts to you on your journey to freedom. 

Annie XS


From: slowblumer


AnnieXS said:

The secret of success... you have to want to quit more than you want to smoke.  Once you stop thinking that you are depriving yourself of a cigarette and realize not smoking is the reward, you will persist. 

Hi Annie,

Congratulations on 7 big years, quit buddy.   I just had to stop by and congratulate you.   You hit the nail on the head with the secret to success.  What a great post!

                Breathe Deeply ...


From: AnnieXS


Thanks, Marge! 

I think I've said this once or twice over the years ;-) but thanks again for helping me through those rough patches.  Well, "patches" may be a bit of an understatement. LOL. :)  I will always be grateful.


Quit May 8, 2015 


From: Denim50


Hey Annie, 

Huge congratulations to you on 7 years smoke free! tada What a terrific message! Thank you for sharing it. It's truly inspiring, as are you. I'm sure others will be encouraged and motivated by it and I wish you all the best as you continue forward on your smoke free journey. I'm sorry this is belated. I had to be off the forum a bit recently. I'm sending you a pm. Again, huge congratulations to you on your wonderful and inspiring achievement. 

I'm sorry to hear you got Covid and that it was hard on your lungs though. I hope by now that you've made a full recovery. Sending good thoughts your way. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


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From: AnnieXS


Thank you, Denim!   No apologies for a belated message required. :)  

The covid thing is tricky.  I get symptoms on and off.  It is really strange.  Lungs aren't bothering me now, thankfully.

I sure hope you're husband is okay!

Thank you, again. 


Quit May 8, 2015