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Getting off nicotine for good (for the good of my health)   Quit Support

Started 6/6/22 by FriendoBill; 4669 views.

From: candrew


Hey Cin

Thanks for the reply. it's nice knowing that there are people out there keeping an eye on me. 

Yea, the pouch consumption is a little compulsive. Between them and my caffeine intake I am sailing through the days, getting lots done in a hyperactive manner. That will be short lived because as X said I am not totally free until I get rid of the pouches. I hope to eliminate them soon. 

Coffee is another story. I drink it all day every day until I go to bed. I take a med that puts me down within 20 minutes and I stay asleep for the entire night. Go to the hot tub to relax at about 10p, up until midnight or 1. Up at 6 raring to go. 

My sister thinks that I am on another manic episode. Not true sis. I love having this energy and recognize the insane behavior that manic brings. I am quite sane. My neighbors think I am crazy when I do my morning walks dancing down the street.  

Oh well. Otherwise doing well. I trust this post finds you well and happy.

Your friend



From: Anne2020


Oh wow, I love it - dancing in the street   - DAVID BOWIE MICK JAGGER style.  Good for you Andrew.  You have much to dance for so keep on.



From: candrew


David Boie and Mick Jagger are not really my style. I am almost 70 and more relaxed than they are. I listen to contemporary jazz. It energizes my soul. I dance to music that is just as powerful but at a slower pace.

Good hearing from you Anne. I have always enjoyed your inciteful posts. 

Good day,



From: Anne2020


Cheers Andrew, keep on dancin!!