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It's been so long   General Chit-Chat

Started Jun-13 by strong1977; 643 views.
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From: strong1977


You got this!!! keep strong because remember this can be done, i am an example of that. :) if ever your struggling feel free to send me a message 



From: xvaper


Thank you so much!!


From: Jerthie123



This post has saved me right about now.  I am grateful for your story.  I am grateful for your taking the time out to share.  I am grateful that you still care enough to check on newbies, like myself, who are struggling, and desperately need the stories of victory and wisdom from people who have achieved success!  Because of your story this morning, I might not be at a full quit today, but I am at my continuous cut down to quit!  I am at my continuous choice to keep on keeping on, even after feeling like a failure due to one relapse after another!  You are only a failure when you decide to stop trying, so I choose to keep on keeping on, and sipping that ice cold water!  I have already had 2 big glasses this morning and it's only 8:15am!  Thank you again Liz, for sharing and caring!  

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From: Jerthie123


I have been successful at delaying lozenge consumption, at times denying one for three or four hours.  I did NOT end up sucking on my nightcap one last night.  I was on the forum instead, and then decided to work on my Instagram page, which was a great distraction.  So, just thought I would let you all know that.  I was successful in my resolve to do without my nightcap lozenge.  I just went on the forum, went on IG, then went to bed.  Now will I have a mid morning one?  Let me see if I can stave off mid morning and get to lunchtime.  If I can skip my 10am lozenge and wait til 12pm, it still is not a full quit, but feels like a small win for me!  So, I will hop on here at 12pm to let you all know if I had my 10am lozenge or if I was able to deny my 10am lozenge.  In Christ!

Anorah (anorah1)

From: Anorah (anorah1)


What an amazing accomplishment, Liz!  Congratulations!  


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