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To me 2   Quit Support

Started 6/26/22 by candrew; 15774 views.

From: Loreficent


Hi Cindi!

Im so happy to see you here! Somewhere you wrote and asked how things were in my neck of the woods and now I can’t find that.

Things are good! Life truly is better without smoking. I still note the added time in the day. I think I also still am processing what a veil smoking put over my mind and thoughts and certainly my emotions. These have all been good revelations though. Like relearning some things and coming back to me in many ways. I also realize that there are some things that I never really did learn how to cope with in a healthy way as I started young and the knee jerk response to so many things was to smoke. I remain aware that I am an addict and always vulnerable if I allow myself that “one”. I don’t resent that anymore like earlier in my quit. I embrace it. 
Life is otherwise good too! Sold my house here in Portland in May. New things on the horizon. Im healthy and grateful for that. 
Have been enjoying time on here chatting with folks. Still get in my odd moods when I ramble on about something or other. joy Sometimes I think that is still a way of processing not smoking…? 
So good to see you and know you are doing well too! I wIll always be grateful for you “old timers” that were there for me. 


From: gaylesybil


My surgery date is August 9.  Appreciate thoughts and good wishes.


modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Hi Lore,

I'm so glad things are going well for you.  I love being referred to as an "old timer" because I never thought I would have gotten this far and gone this long without smoking.  It still amazes me that I did it.  So glad to see that you are still free from it also!  I am really trying to check in here more often to see where I may be able to lend some support.  Have a great day!

modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Good morning Andrew,

I hope that this day finds you well and that you are still noping.  We are supposed to have a beautiful weekend here in Ohio so I am hoping to get some yard work done.  

Have a wonderful day and weekend!


From: candrew


I don't know what I'm doing but I will be writing out a post and all of a sudden lose the page and unable to retrieve my text. Pisses me off because I spend so much time composing some of my conversations. 

Oh well, I will continue on with my message to you.

Got up this morning at 6:30. Cup of strong black coffee, morning meds, fire up Utube and listen to fast jazz, dancing in my chair and composing a post to my new Delphi-buddy, CindiS319. 

Getting ready to clear coat epoxy our kitchen countertops. I believe you told me that you have done the same to your countertops. I have taken before pictures and will forward those with the after pictures so you can see what I've done.

It is this and other many other projects that I do to keep me from thinking about cigarettes. I've been rather hyper lately. Maybe because I no longer smoke but I must say that my caffeine consumption has increased greatly. Between the caffeine and nicotine pouches I am sailing through the day at double speed. No matter, at least I no longer smoke.  Week 10 and 1 day I feel I have not felt this good as long as I can remember. 

My commitment to not smoking gets stronger and stronger each day that I wake up and say to myself "good job Andrew, you don't have to start huffing any more cigs to start your day". I really don't miss them but inside I would love to have just one puff. NOPE for me. Thanks, Delphi, for giving me the strength to overcome this thing.  

My next project is to paint our kitchen cabinets. It will be a big job, but I thrive on challenge. Much like quitting my smoking; it is something that I will enjoy till my dying day. 

To all of you that are sincerely trying to quit, set your sights, focus and remember that this is absolutely THE most important thing you will do for yourself in your lifetime. I believe this to be true and so can you. 

Dance to freedom.

Good day (and many more)


modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Well that sounds like a great day so far Andrew!  And congratulations on 10 weeks... that is awesome!  I look forward to seeing the pictures of your counter tops.  I'm sure the cabinets are going to be a big job.  It was pure hell not having a kitchen for 4 days because I spend a majority of my time cooking.  Plus I hung up plastic everywhere to try and conceal the dust from sanding.  I will try and post some pictures later today as they need to be resized because they are too large to post in a message.

And yes, NOPE is no joke.  I have thought about having just one puff but I know that would be the end of it for me and I'd be back up to over a pack a day and would want to kick myself (HARD).  I love that you are getting stronger in your quit... just keep it up and keep busy.

I will check in later.  Have a great day!


From: Denim50


Hey Lore, 

I'm happy post that here. relaxed 

Hey Gayle, 

As I post that 'Dear John' letter here for you that Lore was talking about, I'll also post a letter to non-smoking friends and family to help them understand also. I hope you find both helpful. 

Lore is terrific and she's also right. The best thing to do is to stay in the moment and keep taking it a day at a time.

Thank you for posting the date. We'll definitely be sending, as Lore said 'a ton of good energy', positive thoughts and best wishes your way. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


CC to gaylesybil

From: candrew


Hey Cin,

Been working with my countertops all day. Got them prepped really good (previous coat of varnish) Started coating at around noon. 

All I can say is I am not happy with the results. Nothing like the Utube videos .They are streaked and uneven. Also, I got some residue on our new laminate floor. Not a good day. I'll send you some pictures.

Another smoke-free day in the life of Andrew Elliott. I was craving a cig and drink last night (recovering alcoholic - 5 years). Sometimes I get that way when I am bored and restless. I refuse to blow it on a whim. "I just don't smoke or drink anymore" (case closed). 

I was looking on the web for a dog. As you may know i had to put my Jack Russell, Rascal to sleep last month. Had him for 8 years, the only dog I have ever had. It is still painful every time I think of him.

Other than that, I can't say anything is happening in my life. Did my 2 mile walk this morning before temp got too high. Came home and started on the countertops. My wonderful wife has some salmon planned for dinner with fresh corn on the cob, asparagus and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. She is a wonderful cook and takes care of me in more ways than one.

Life is good in Central Florida. I am glad to be alive and happy.

Good day,



From: Loreficent


Awww, thank you Denim for those kind words! Made my day! blushblush

Thank you for posting those too!

Hope you are doing very well!