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To me 2   Quit Support

Started 6/26/22 by candrew; 13900 views.

From: candrew


Hey Denim:

I can't sleep tonight so I decided I would send you a reply to your wonderful post. I want to thank you for your sensitive thoughts and feelings. I can't tell you how much this site means to me and all of the great folks that I have met.  They have been invaluable to my journey. We are all addicts trying to overcome this horrible condition and it is so important to have others that understand. 

You really touched me with your observations about my dog. He was the only dog I have ever had, and I miss him terribly. My wife and I have decided we are going to get another soon. That should ease the pain that I feel every day that he has been gone. 

Your post was so meaningful. You connected with everything that I talked about. It's almost like we have been friends for a long time. I was really impressed with you, and it takes people like yourself to make a difference for others in a special way. 

 Yes, music has been a savior all of my life. I sat playing my piano today and it was almost a spiritual experience. In fact, this process of quitting smoking has opened me up to new feelings that I never knew existed. It's simply a matter of taking care of oneself, much like my quitting drinking 5 years ago. Such self-destructive behavior is so unnecessary in the short amount of time we have on this earth. 

I enjoy staying busy. I have been gifted with many talents that allow me to do incredible things with music, art, writing and anything else that I have attempted. 

There is not enough time in the day to do what I want to do and thank the Lord for everything I have in this life today and beyond. This "forumily" is one of those things.

Again, thanks for what you do.

Good day (or night)


CC to Loreficent

From: candrew


hey young lady:

how are you doing today? just thought i would check in.

did i tell you that i have saved your lyrics and would like to write a melody to them?

i no longer have a guitar but i do play my piano almost as good

i was a successful amateur musician in my past life and have composed songs based on other peoples' lyrics, not promising anything but i may give it a try sometime

hope this post finds you well 

good day



From: Jerthie123


I am well Andrew, Though still at 6 lozenges a day. Sadly. I am thinking of starting a quit tomorrow. I will keep you all posted! I have not wrote any poetry lately, but may start again. Of course it's okay that you saved my lyrics! If you would like to add music to them, that would be great!

I admire how you are using different art forms as a way of coping with your quit! I look forward to reading more of your posts soon! Till next time... Keep up the amazing work!


From: Jerthie123


Amazing Andrew!  Keep dancing! I hope your energy rubs off on me!


From: gaylesybil



I've perused this forum a lot, but never posted.

I'm a longtime heavy smoker (age 13 to 63) who has never even tried to quit.  Now I have to least temporarily, because I am having hip replacement surgery in a few weeks and will be in hospital for 24 hours.  I smoke in part to deal with anxiety and insomnia, and my anxiety is sky high right now.  My GP won't give me anything for the anxiety, although I do have sleeping pills, but they don't work very well.

I am feeling scared, more than anything.  Scared I'm going to lose my mind.

Can't even use the patch the day of surgery, so I'll have to go 24 hours without nicotine.

Badly needing help and support.


From: Jerthie123


I feel for you.  I think fear is what anyone would feel in your shoes.  Pray.  Give your fear and anxiety to God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  You will get through it. You are not alone!


From: Anne2020


Hello there G,

I think you will find that it is much easier to not smoke than you realize.  Distract yourself every time an urge to smoke comes up.   Start now - every other urge to smoke, do something else.  Take a hot bath, enjoy some chocolate or a cold ice tea.  Do anything to distract yourself away from having that cigarette.  I thought I could never give up smoking.  I would panic whenever I got down to 10 cigs in pack.   When I quit (cold turkey) it was so easy I was so surprised.  If you can get past the first three (3) days, you are on your way.  

Start practicing control over your reaction to cravings to smoke.  When you get a craving, try putting it off a bit.  Don't let the smoke be your master -   you be the master of it.  

One thing many people have done, seems to help - take some Halls throat lozenges and, once they get going in your mouth , try breathing air through a plastic straw.  The coolness will wash over your throat and give you that sensation that you get from smoking.

You can do this! 

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From: candrew


I put a post out on the forum by mistake - is there a way to delete it?

Under To Me 2

message 60 0f 69

can you help?


From: SusanK1960


Hi Andrew

Next to the reply button in the lower right corner of the box is an arrow pointing down.  It has delete option