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August 2022 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/22 by Denim50; 2899 views.

From: Lee.T


Hi Andrew.  Hope you doing well. I am still battling but keep trying. You send me that link to get the audio version of the Allen Car book where it took me to the page but somehow I cant find it. So sorry can you send again.


From: Rassister


Good Morning,

I hope that you are having another smoke free day and are feeling better each and every hour you are smoke free.  Keeping track of time and money saved was a huge motivator for me as well.  I also thrived when I heard from others that had been successful each day as they put one more "in the books" as a smoke free day.  

I am not sure of where you  live but I am currently living with family in Maryland.  It has been a very hot and sticky summer.  I have four wonderful grandchildren under the age of seven and I must say that sometimes I really do feel some stress.  In the past, I would head outside for a smoke break and I would feel like "that break calmed me down" however now I realize that the only thing I calmed down was my "nicotine withdrawal".  In about an hour's time, I would be feeling that "same need for a fix"!  Now,when I feel stressed,  I take some deep breaths, take a quick walk, get a drink of water, divert my attention to another task etc. etc. etc.  I no longer use the nicotine or smoking habit to deal with my stress.  I think this forum is invaluable and definitely was the reason I was finally to kick the habit and begin to live a happier and healthier life.  You've got this.  Keep on going one minute, one hour and one day at a time.  

You've got this!  



From: Jatchat


Thanks Marilyn for your concern, I am in Nowra NSW Australia, I am making progress today I am going to use no NRT products and just ride it out, the cravings that is. It's wonderful that you have your grandchildren close by, I barely see mine, it seems they just don't care. any way  we battle on. there are brighter smoke free days ahead




From: tonypfan


Way to go, Andrew.  So glad to hear your positive statements.  It’s been an up and down things with you and for most of us in our Quit.  Yet each day we grown stronger.  You are truly an example of one who has never lost hope.  I take your success to date extremely powerful.  Your words are a source of inspiration to me.  Thank you.  Anthony

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From: candrew



Anne has a lot of words of wisdom. We all have our unique perspectives that enable us to stay smoke free. Mine is very simple, and that is "I just don't smoke anymore PERIOD!"

Hope this helps today.



CC to Anne2020

From: Anne2020


So true.  I tell myself those few words from time to time as well.  Simple truth.  Cheers!


From: Marjorie1244


Hi candrew, I am new on here , and only on week three of not smoking , I like you did , miss that morning cigarette more than any other , I really enjoyed my coffee sat in the garden huffing and puffing on those few cigarettes.  To be honest I cant believe ive actually gone 19 days not in that routine. When I read your posts it gives me encouragement to keep going , its easy days for me , but my mind is set to hopefully rewire my brain and keep going. I plan a bike ride today it makes me feel more free with the fresh air flowing against me . Hopefully they do say after three months things will be easier and I just need to stay patient with myself as I am on on my third week . You take care and keep up the good pisotive work .

modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Hi Marjorie and welcome!

Congratulations on three weeks!  That is awesome!  Keep up the great work and you'll have three months under your belt before you even know it.  Take care.


From: Marjorie1244


Hi , thank you so much for your encouragement,  I have done quite a lot of research in all areas of what to expect during the quit smoking experience,  and the main thing that interested me the most , was the fact that these receptors in my brain telling me I need a cigarette, will be of no more and disappear after 3 months ,and over the 3 months they do tend to get weaker then hopefully gone completely.  I must admit its not been as difficult this time although it isn't a walkmin the park lol , I do have good and bad days , but I am re wiring my brain over time to more pisotive thoughts , if I get a really bad urge , I never say to myself I cant have one , I just say you can have one but I dont need one. I just hope in 3 months time I will not even think about one as much as I do most days . May I ask how long have you gone since your last cigarette?  Hope your not having it to difficult . Bye for now 


From: Lubbercat



Congrats on your 3 weeks, that is fantastic and the worst 3 weeks of it.  It does get easier and easier and for the first year you will face new triggers, first Christmas, first vacation, first everything and some of those can be difficult.  They do however, get easier and easier and fewer cravings all the time.  I am coming up on 13 months and there are still times I want to smoke but, not near as bad as in the beginning.  Just don't smoke and keep moving forward, it really will get easier