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New quit date   Quit Support

Started Aug-29 by feafee78; 649 views.

That's great news.  

I remember when I had my daughter (27 years ago).  I was fine when I was in the hospital not smoking but the minute I got out, there I was lighting up.  It's an addiction...pure and simple.  Worst than most horrible drugs out there today (like cocaine or heroin).  Congratulations on Day 1 not smoking.  Just take it one day at a time.  Maybe start reading some of these great articles while you're healing.  I think I read them all like 10 times in the beginning of my quit.  There was really so much I didn't know and they really helped me.  You probably remember a lot of them from your last time.

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From: feafee78


Got through day 2! Not being able to drive is helping, I’m sure. I’ve resisted the urge to dive in our large trash can to look for any remnants of cigarettes I may have thrown out. Believe me, I definitely thought about it and tried to guess how hard it would be with my right arm all wrapped up. A bit ridiculous, indeed. The trash goes out tomorrow night, so only one more day of resisting dumpster diving. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to cover it, lol  

I spent some time reading different posts on here tonight and it was really nice. I’m so happy to be back here and working on being free. When do you consider yourself free? I’ve struggled the psychological cravings years after a quit, so I’m not sure I’d say I was ever truly free. I was definitely free many of those days, though, so mostly free? It’s too late for deep thoughts, lol. Good night. Wish me luck on staying out of the trash.


From: JavaNY


It is amazing what we would do to get a drag. I think you are correct that we are never 100% free. 5 years ago, I had quit for 20 months but foolishly went back. But it definitely gets better. The number of cravings and the intensity goes down. Best of luck with your quit and your arm recovery.

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From: candrew



good to hear from you today. this is Andrew getting in another day of not smoking. tonight is tough because I am in one of those moods. That mood being I really want a drink.I have managed to stay away for almost 5 years. it's a little like my smoking habit except its serous business. I don't talk about it much; it was huge problem (or used to be). Dad taught me well, although he only smoked a pipe, same thing except he claims he never inshlad. Bul**it. 

I don't know it you drik at all but alcohoe and cigs are like 2 peas in a pod, they go  together like a married couple, at least in good standing.  Thankfully I am so, she has not idea what I am iup to. ca;l; it closet, in the dark, far out.

Need some support tonight. I wikl be fine if I stay away from the C-Store. God knows that I have ome this far and do not want to (you noe). 

Liostening to my jazz, my savior my love. I sit here alone thinking about life. How good it is wulout the cigs. I dont care abut much except ...

Rnogh. alll a good night.



From: JavaNY


I hope thinks are better, in the morning Andrew, and you refrained from both drinking and smoking.  You are doing the right things, listening to something you enjoy and how much better life is without tobacco.

I do drink and you are correct smoking tends to go with alcohol. For me in part because of the history of using them together. 


From: candrew


For sure, Paul

The two go together like Mutt and Jeff. Hope your serenity keeps you clean & sober.