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September 2022 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started Sep-2 by Denim50; 2913 views.

From: Denim50


Welcome New Ex-Smokers

Congratulations on taking that all important first step with cessation - stubbing out the last cigarette and getting started.

Chances are you don't feel 'ready' to quit, and are experiencing a mixture of difficult emotions about it.

Try to relax.  You've found the best place for help. 

Getting Started with Cessation

Park yourself in front of your computer and read everything you can on this forum board. We encourage you to take the initiative to introduce yourself and post often. Sharing your journey with your new quit buddies and offering support to each other really helps.

This thread will serve as the meeting place for those of you who are quitting now, and when the month ends, we will move your 'home base' thread over to the Quit Buddies Unite folder, where you can continue to support each other. 

You can also return to the Introductions folder where you'll find the new Monthly Ex-Smoker thread for those coming along behind you.  Share the tips and encouragement that helped you during month one.  Not only will this help others, it will strengthen your resolve as well.

Start your reading here:  Homework for New Ex-Smokers

Additionally, the folder headings in gray on the left of the page under DISCUSSIONS house different topics.  Click on the gray heading to view the conversations held within.  When you finish with a folder, click on the drop down menu under DISCUSSIONS and select ALL to see all of the folders again.

Introductions/Newcomers Nook
A good place to start with numerous threads from new ex-smokers.

General Chit-Chat 
This is where you will find the daily NOPE thread.  NOPE stands for Not One Puff Ever, and members pledge NOPE on a daily basis.  Give it a try - you will probably find it helpful and empowering.

Quit Support
This is a good place to post for help when you need it ASAP. 
Dots(Weeks) and Stars (Months) Milestones and One Year and Beyond Milestones 
Read the accounts of people who are winning with cessation in these folders.

Quit Buddies Unite 
This folder is the home base for the groups who quit together.  This thread will move to that folder at the end of the first month.

Quit Smoking Library
Here you'll find member stories and links to important articles that will inform you about what to expect from smoking cessation.

The next 4 posts will give you additional info on how to navigate/post here.  Please read them and let us know if you have any questions.

An Educated Quit is a Success
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From: Douglas8845


Hello September quitters,

With the fundamental help of this site I quit a 35 year addiction to Marlboro 100s Reds (hardcore stuff!!). As of right now I've been smoke-free, nicotine-free for 10 years, one month and 10 days.  My health has improved so much that three years ago I heard a family call to duty, volunteered my left kidney to my youngest brother who was scheduled to go on dialysis in two weeks.  I had been seven years smoke free, went through an incredible series of exams, tests, labs at Cleveland Clinic and finally was pronounced a qualified  donor.  This was in 2019.  Three years and 25 days later my brother is thriving, hasn't looked this good in years.  Has a new gf, is healthy and happy.  I sometimes think, what would my brother's life be if I hadn't stepped up? I didn't do it for him, but jumped at this chance when it presented itself.

Quitting isn't easy.  It takes a while to retrain our bodies and brains.  Not a big while, but a while.  It gets easier after three or four weeks, Notice I didn't say "it becomes easy"... it becomes easier.  And it becomes exciting.  I couldn't believe I hadn't smoked for weeks. The excitement pushed me forward.  The excitement will take you to the finish line.

This site was essential to my quit.  Let it help you.

Wishing you every success on this road. You CAN do it. I did

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From: Marjorie1244


Hi Douglas8845,  thank you for your encouragement,  wow havent you done great , I am in my 4th week , have good and bad days , I do a day a time at moment and agree it does get easier but not easy . Marjorie1244 

Hi Majorie,

That is awesome that you are in your 4th week!  Keep up the great work and let us know if we can help you along the way.  One day at a time is absolutely the way to go!

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From: Douglas8845


Hi Marjorie,

You've reached four weeks and must be thinking "damn, this quit is real..." I remember being at that very spot.  "It's real, what was impossible is actually happening..." I was going to protect this quit with my life.  And I'm still quit.  I used to think that i was an addict in remission. The reality is different. I'm not an addict, I never think about lighting one of my Marlboro 100s red with my trusty Zippo  lighter. The smell of lighter fluid is unforgettable,  but I never think about it.  I never dream about smoking.   Now i think, "! was a smoker, now I'm not." I enjoy coming here, it keeps my quit fresh, reminding me of my victory over nicotine. I am a nonsmoker, but i never take my quit lightly or for granted.

You're doing this Marjorie, protect it with your life.

A big congrats for doing the impossible.



From: Loreficent


Hi Douglas,

Always happy to see you on here! I wrote something the other day and tried to cc you but it seems there is a limit to how many folks can be cc’d. I got a very reassuring and supportive reply from AnnieXS which was incredibly helpful and validating. 

I’m about 2 and a half years and chugging along really well, with huge eternal thanks to this Forum. The last week or so I’ve been hearing that little addict voice with its subtle, seductive lure of rationalization. It sucks! Big time. Sorry to be so blunt, but there really isn’t a way to sugar coat it. It plain and simple outright sucks. 

Im not sure if you saw my post. I don’t want to be redundant and rewrite everything; it is under the Quit Support tab titled “Mind games”. I feel a ton better for sure with Annie’s reply. I am curious though if you recall at what point you realized you weren’t an addict in remission any longer? I’m still waiting for that total acceptance I think. Maybe I’m afraid of it…? I do think I’m not quite ready to let my guard down completely. I say that because of the mind games that have been going on in my head lately. Something else I just realized is I almost just wrote “the mind games I’ve been playing with myself lately “. I stopped myself from writing that because really, on a conscious level, I am not purposely having those thoughts! Which makes it even more frustrating really. The thoughts I’m having seem to just come right out of the blue. Now in my rational state I understand they are my thoughts in my own mind somewhere and whether conscious or not I am the one having or creating them. But it pisses me off to have to take responsibility for something that is happening in my lucid and sound, wakeful state without my wise mind’s permission! Ugh.

Ok…so I just realized I just wrote a whole bunch of what seems to be circuitous natter and kind of lost sight of my question joy. Well, you’ve been here since I was a newbie and are probably used to that from me, haha. I think basically I am very interested if you recall a specific kind of timeline over the last decade where when you look back you see definite kind of milestones? I would imagine that becoming a kidney donor to your brother was a huge factor in a lot of your thoughts in many areas of your life, but probably a lot for the smoking too? Was that a point where you just knew “I’m done forever and I don’t ever have to think about smoking again”? 
I want to be at that point. I want the deep, unwavering belief in myself as a nonsmoker. I thought I had it but that seductive little voice lives…..

Thank goodness I don’t have smoking dreams at least! My heart goes out to folks that have those. 

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From: tonypfan


Hi Denim:  Am having difficulty negotiating thus website. I’m trying to locate a post I sent to ALLariund Sept 18, or thereabouts. It was about my moment of reve. Can’t find it. If you find it can find it please forward it to me. Thank you. 



From: Loreficent


Hi Anthony,

As much as I love this Forum, it is clunky. Not sure this will help, but I’ll tell you one thing I have to check when I’m looking for something. You maybe already have done this…

At the top of the list on the left where it shows “Discussions” there is a little sub folder that has a drop arrow right below the word “Discussions”. Set that drop arrow to “All” and it opens all the folders of topics.

If you remember what folder you posted it in that may help you find it. Good luck!