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Started Sep-28 by Jerthie123; 462 views.

From: Jerthie123


Day 3 for me of no sucking, just popping and swallowing. I don't know why or how but this method is working for me! I feel a bit of anxiety and irritability still, but tonnes less than I felt when I was sucking. When I was sucking, I felt the nicotine sensation and relief of my anxiety, but that was only good for a couple of minutes. Then the lozenge was dissolved, I was left with nothing, and now on top of the emotions or anxiety I felt pre-lozenge, I had even more anxiety. So yes, I do have irritability... But that is one sign that I am not receiving any nicotine, and that makes me feel accomplished and HOPEFUL! I don't care if my boyfriend says swallowing it is just as bad. He has never smoked in his entire life, so he seems to think that any effort short of a clean cold turkey quit is almost useless. He means well and is looking out for my best interests but I know very intimately well that swallowing instead of sucking is giving me zero nicotine. Like I said, it's just the thought of putting one in mouth that is getting me through... Kind of like puffing on a smoke that never got lit in the first place or sucking on a straw. After one more week of just swallowing, I will go to just looking at it. Just keeping one in my pocket and knowing it is there is helping me immensely! Is this a wrong approach? Any feedback is appreciated! After a week of just swallowing, I will go to a week of just looking and then throwing out. I know it is still money wasted, but I am crazy enough to think that this actually might work for me this time around! I am not telling my boyfriend about just looking and then throwing out. I know he'll get upset with me. But to me wasting money towards heading in the RIGHT direction is better than USING the money to get the nicotine in my system thus getting what I paid for but staying in the WRONG direction. I am a little off my rocker? Any feedback?


From: SusanK1960


Hi Jerthie,

You are right, this is YOUR quit AND you should feel elated as you have not smoked another day!  Take a breath, drink some water, and focus on your healing.  You are overcoming an addiction and you have all the time in the world to make it right, as long as you don’t smoke.  

How are you celebrating your victories?


From: Jerthie123


Thank you Susan! I am celebrating in the most simple way possible.... Enjoying the feeling of not being anxious and basking in it! The fact that my anxiety has been cut in half, more than half, just realizing that and feeling that relief.... Sitting and enjoying that victory is worth more than any clothing or makeup I could ever buy! For me now... It is protecting my quit. Day 3 is almost over and I sailed through some pretty anxious moments.  Anne's post to me earlier about what to expect from nicotine withdrawal helped me immensely! Wow Anne, thank you again so super much for taking the time to clip that in here for me. The article was of immeasurable value to me! It said that on Day 2 you could expect increased appetite. That I had. But knowing that the desire to eat more than usual was not due to hunger but rather to withdrawal helped me to control the urge to overeat. I do have irritability today. At times it is high, but honestly, this on and off irritability is way easier to sail through than the anxiety I used to feel in between the lozenges. Everyone, I am really doing this! So far today I have bit and then quickly swallowed 4 lozenges. I will do that again at 8pm and then once again at 10pm. And then tomorrow will mark Day Four! Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement in my journey to beat nicotine addiction.