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My Dream   General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-28 by Jerthie123; 460 views.

From: Jerthie123


Thank you Susan! I am celebrating in the most simple way possible.... Enjoying the feeling of not being anxious and basking in it! The fact that my anxiety has been cut in half, more than half, just realizing that and feeling that relief.... Sitting and enjoying that victory is worth more than any clothing or makeup I could ever buy! For me now... It is protecting my quit. Day 3 is almost over and I sailed through some pretty anxious moments.  Anne's post to me earlier about what to expect from nicotine withdrawal helped me immensely! Wow Anne, thank you again so super much for taking the time to clip that in here for me. The article was of immeasurable value to me! It said that on Day 2 you could expect increased appetite. That I had. But knowing that the desire to eat more than usual was not due to hunger but rather to withdrawal helped me to control the urge to overeat. I do have irritability today. At times it is high, but honestly, this on and off irritability is way easier to sail through than the anxiety I used to feel in between the lozenges. Everyone, I am really doing this! So far today I have bit and then quickly swallowed 4 lozenges. I will do that again at 8pm and then once again at 10pm. And then tomorrow will mark Day Four! Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement in my journey to beat nicotine addiction.