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One step at a time... Will I ever be truly quit?   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-28 by Jerthie123; 275 views.

From: Jerthie123


Well everyone, I am down to 5-6 lozenges a day as opposed to 11-12. I am not clean of nicotine, but I can say that I have less anxiety. I do not know truly if I will ever be rid of nicotine 100%. I don't know if I ever want to be, sadly. I admire everyone here who fought the good fight and never looked back... But I am coming to accept that I like the lozenges and if I can stay at 5-6 a day for now, that already feels like a small win for me. Honest feedback is appreciated. 


From: MarthaJC


Hi Jerthie! I think cutting back and having less anxiety is definitely a win!  My only other feedback is that for me, it helps to remind myself I'm not smoking today. If I start thinking "I'll never smoke again," then I feel like I'm missing out. In other words, I give life to that damn addiction. But not smoking today? I can do that without overthinking, and the more days pass, the easier it gets.


From: Jerthie123


Thanks Martha! I feel really good that I was and am able to cut down now too. It's a win... Small win but better than I was doing before!


From: candrew


Hey Kiddo

Andrew here How are you doin’ these days?

Been super busy with my new website

Did you get my PM last week?

Still smoke free (6 mo and counting)

Take care