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5,366 days ago - I quit. You can do. Paying it forward.....   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 12/1/22 by WhiteKnight (whynot44m); 786 views.

Excellent post and EVERY word is SO TRUE!!!  Thank you for keeping your promise and coming back to inspire others!  Best of luck on your new dragon to slay!  I recently (9/28) started a weight loss and exercise journey myself.  I was doing pretty well and had some recent set backs due to family issues.  I will get right back on the train very soon.

I don't think there is anything bigger than the dragon that you have already slayed.  Thank you again and be sure to check back in on your progress!  We're here to support you with that too!

Happy birthday Jerthie!  My birthday was last Saturday.  Lots of birthdays this time of year for sure!  Must have been Valentine's day or something. lol

Thank you Cindi

Congrats on your quit - well done!!!!

I wish you success on your new journey towards exercise and weight loss.  You've already developed all the tools needed to be successful.  I know it!!!

Keep us posted!