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5,366 days ago - I quit. You can do. Paying it forward.....   Quit Stories and Journals

Started Dec-1 by WhiteKnight (whynot44m); 732 views.

From: Anne2020


Loved reading your post.  Thank you for sharing.

The beautiful promise of quitting is, when you get to a certain point, sometimes 3 months sometimes a bit shorter or a bit longer, nevertheless inevitably, you will arrive to place in your life when you never think about smoking.  It becomes something that you used to do, and that is all. 

So to everyone who is fighting the crave waves, know that your efforts will be rewarded.  The crave waves do disappear and you will be born into a new lifestyle.  A non-smoking lifestyle with no crave waves at all. 

Just don't smoke.  It is so worth it. (2 years 11 months)      Smiley Face GIFs | Tenor 


From: SusanK1960


Happy Birthday Jerthie!  Good for you quitting smoking at 41!  I was 59.5 years old when I got the quit to stick!

I am a game player, which I still play in this forum everyday.  Every month, I would try different “things” to assist with the quit. One month of sticky notes in normal smoking places, like car, porch, phone, with questions on them, changing the questions weekly, a month of meditation and relaxation music I hadn’t listened to normally.  The next month ice water thru a straw.  The next month, finding my favorite sayings, such as Turtles first one, which I still have hanging in the cabinet where I kept my cigs, etc.. For me, it kept my quit ‘fresh’ and occupied me with coming up with different activities to help.  

You are already a success! You are just cleaning up the edges

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From: Jerthie123


Thank you everyone for believing in me!!!

Perfectly said Anne!  

"..... It becomes something that you used to do, and that is all. ..."

Love it!  

You're approaching 3 years!!!!  Well done!!!


Love Love Love the games you devised to get you through your quit.  What a super idea!!!!!

Well done and congrats on your quit


From: Jerthie123


Whynot... Thank you. I wish you every success in accomplishing your weight loss goals. You seem focused and determined. Good luck and again, thank you for your encouragement!!


From: Jerthie123


Thank you Susan! Your words are appreciated more than you know!!

Excellent post and EVERY word is SO TRUE!!!  Thank you for keeping your promise and coming back to inspire others!  Best of luck on your new dragon to slay!  I recently (9/28) started a weight loss and exercise journey myself.  I was doing pretty well and had some recent set backs due to family issues.  I will get right back on the train very soon.

I don't think there is anything bigger than the dragon that you have already slayed.  Thank you again and be sure to check back in on your progress!  We're here to support you with that too!

Happy birthday Jerthie!  My birthday was last Saturday.  Lots of birthdays this time of year for sure!  Must have been Valentine's day or something. lol

Thank you Cindi

Congrats on your quit - well done!!!!

I wish you success on your new journey towards exercise and weight loss.  You've already developed all the tools needed to be successful.  I know it!!!

Keep us posted!