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Apologies for not posting enough!   General Chit-Chat

Started Dec-4 by xvaper; 341 views.

From: xvaper


Hello all,

I have been incredibly busy these past few months but that should not be an excuse. This forum helped me and I would like to help others.

At the end of December I will have celebrated 18 months smoke free. I cannot believe it has been this long, and the longer it goes the better it gets, if you adopt the right attitude, and arm yourself with all the information you can about aspects substance abuse, particularly nicotine. Learning about the neurological and subsequent phycological aspects of nicotine addiction have been invaluable and crucial to my quit. Knowledge is power. 

Have no illusions my fellow addicts, we are not addicted to the 'hand to mouth action", Cigarettes don't calm us down or any of the self delusions we use when we actively smoke, to keep this thing going. 

I have been around smokers and smoking since the beginning of my quit. In house parties, cafés ( when I travel to other countries) and bars. Yes, the thought crosses my mind sometimes. But then again I enjoys the pure taste of the drink I'm drinking, without tobacco and smoke in my mouth, and same goes to food. And even when the thought comes up, it's just that, a thought. Not an overwhelming craving that takes over. I just don't don't smoke anymore and that's it. It passes as quickly as it comes.

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day (my friend smokes 'just' 3, but if you took away those 3 she would be withdrawing the same as a heavy smoker), how old you are, or how many times you failed in the past. Give another (Educated) go. I am happy to answer questions and support anyone, without judgement, because I was in exactly the same position as anyone who is new here, and would be again in a hurry if I pick up just one smoke.

Once again thank you for everyone's support, it was crucial.

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Great to see you checking in and congratulations at the end of this month!  Isn't it amazing once you feel free!?!?  So hard to explain to those still struggling with it.  It does get better... No Doubt!

Happy holidays and enjoy all your food, drinks, smells and tastes!


From: xvaper


  • Thanks Cindi,
  • It really does get better. Slowly getting rid of that thought that I can't have coffee or a drink without a cigarette, or that it will help at a time of stress. I'm not dealing worse with depression and stress that I did before. I deal with it better. I don't go around preaching to people, and I don't have a problem when they smoke around me.  If I see someone Very young smoking, that  is the only time when I try to intervene and tell them how dangerous addiction will become, perhaps it will help. Cravings are very rare and last less than one minute is that. Just thinking about the taste of cigarettes, and the smell on my clothes is enough to remind me what smoking is really about.
  • Time is really on your side when you quit. Life without cigarettes becomes normal, natural. So worth it. 
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From: Anne2020


18 months into your smoke-free lifestyle.  I know you are feeling absolutely fantastic and proud of yourself - as you should.  I bet it still feels a bit new as well.  You have done yourself the best thing you could do.  Stick around cause, with age like a find wine, this smoke-free lifestyle really does get better.

Well Done.      Here is a sunshine hug for you - 

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From: xvaper


Awwww thank you for the hug! It does get better! I can never imagine wanting that taste in my mouth. Happy holidays!