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If you have a strong desire to quit smoking you have certainly come to the right place! This DelphiForums bulletin board is a place where you can post issues about quitting smoking and at the same time support others in quitting smoking.

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Quit smoking

Started Aug-3 by Itstinks; 16 views.

From: Itstinks


Hello everyone,

Im new to this group. I stopped smoking for seven months a few years back, due to anxiety and stress, I began smoking again . ( a good line ~ of you know what. There is NO excuse ). Definitely not a reason . For months and months I had my mind set on quitting this time around. I set a date and just continued smoking. So, I set a date August 1st. On August 1st I had my last cigarette, hopefully for good this time. Tomorrow it will be three and a half day’s. I brought some nicotine patches that I had purchased previously the last time I had quit.  . And they have worked wonders. I have had no cravings , no withdraws thus far. I feel great. My husband a smoker . He said to me today “ oh I guess you quit “. I said, “ yes I did “ , I said I’m tired of the smelly cigarette smell trying to cover it with perfume. ( knowing that non smokers can smell right through ). I walked in my bedroom on July 31st and smelled smoke that had the scent on a shirt that I had wore earlier. The smell was absolutely “ discusting “ !

Another thing that made me quit my mother who has been a smoker as long as I could remember has copd and it’s severe , to see or hear my mother steuggling to breathe on oxygen 24/7. A very dear friend of mine passed away on August 12th of 2019 of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and suffered on a ventilator for seven months , getting a tracheotomy . And passing away. What was I thinking ? I see my mother struggling , my dear friend who passed away. Why am I smoking ? My decision is that I think of what affects smoking has on one . And if I still have a choice where I have “ not “ been diagnosed and as of right now have no symptoms. So what better time to quit. The time is now. Hopefully with great people and a good mind state . I will stand strong and keep thriving and climbing to a much healthier , happier life . Wish me luck people. My prayers and love are with everyone smoking or those like myself who wants a healthier life style. Good luck and prayers to a healthier tomorrow.