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From: Obezlix12/2/19 2:04 PM 
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In Canada, the climate change debate has focused on Ottawa’s attempts to impose carbon taxes.


Proponents of these taxes, such as the federal Liberal government, say that only a price on carbon can adequately reduce the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming. Opponents, such as Ontario Premier Doug Ford, counter that carbon taxes can never work.

But in a new book, Simon Fraser University economist Mark Jaccard says both sides are wrong. In theory, he writes in “The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming Myths that Hinder Progress,” carbon pricing should work. In practice, however, it doesn’t – for the simple reason that in the real world of politics it is too difficult to deliver.

Why a carbon tax won’t solve climate change

By Thomas WalkomNational Affairs Columnist

Mon., Dec. 2, 2019




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From: Obezlix12/2/19 2:16 PM 
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"One is that energy efficiency is profitable -- that the cost of energy-efficient appliances and buildings will be more than compensated for by, say, reduced hydro bills."

Unfortunately, says Jaccard, the evidence shows this is rarely true.




From: TAB00GA12/4/19 6:32 AM 
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The more we hear about the global warming,

the more we shrug it off!!!   globe_with_meridians


From: Obezlix12/4/19 7:19 PM 
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Good point! thumbsup


From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)12/10/19 7:49 AM 
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"Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get."

Mark Twain


From: Tittah12/11/19 10:44 AM 
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The hype of the renewable energy is just a money-making scheme

It's a commonly-held belief that renewable energy is expensive, but this simply isn’t true! Solar power and onshore wind are the cheapest ways of generating electricity; meaning the energy they produce is cheaper than using nuclear, gas and fossil fuels.  The cost of renewables has fallen faster than anyone could have predicted. And yet the government are still backing dirty fossil fuels. Did you know the UK has the biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU? That’s right, they spend an eye-watering €12bn (£10.5bn) a year supporting dirty fossil fuels.





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