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From: NYSTRONG (KINGPACO2) DelphiPlus Member IconNov-14 8:01 AM 
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Democrats won the White House, but they had an undeniably disappointing election everywhere else on the ballot. Nowhere is that more acute than in the House, where Democrats kept their majority but may wind up with the slimmest in decades, just four seats.


What happened?

The blame game is in full swing within the party, and the myriad reasons being thrown out by members of Congress and top Democratic strategists underscore that, much like in 2016, no one in the party really understands why President Trump and those candidates aligned with him did so well. (Even though Trump lost the White House, he still got millions more votes than he did last time, which Republicans credit for buoying their members of Congress and state lawmakers.) And Democrats have different viewpoints based on whether they’re moderate or liberal.

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From: AuntBetsieNov-17 12:01 PM 
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Trump voters turned out at unexpectedly high rates.

This first point isn’t debated within the party; it’s a fact. Neither the public polls nor the Democratic internal polls nor the Republican internal polls were capturing these voters’ intentions to vote. (One theory reported on by the New York Times: Trump voters are mistrustful of institutions and thus won’t pick up for pollsters.) Both parties were surprised by the strength of the Republican brand with Trump on the ballot.

The question they are all asking now is: Will that fade when Trump is no longer president?




Remains to be watched and observed.




From: MerianaNov-18 11:20 AM 
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Pretty much everything about what Trump will do/will not do/ how long people will continue to support him, etc. all remains to be seen.  He could end up continuing to be a voice, and force within the Republican party, and he could, just as easily, become a person few listen too, or maybe someone who just fades back into private life.

As for the Democratic party, IMO, the party needs to rid itself of the so-called Progressives.


From: BarthaSNov-21 10:37 AM 
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Too many questions but not enough answers. ... 

People are scared to talk and get a strike by someone with Leftioticism mental state - a known aficionado from the current committee !! 


From: BarthaSNov-21 10:41 AM 
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The Left have no clue of Democratic Laws, they use their title as a disguise! !

laughing v 


From: MerianaNov-24 10:45 AM 
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Some would say pretty much the same thing about the Republican party.  The truth is that both parties have their extremists, and these days it appears that those are the ones being listened to.  It's too bad that we can't take the best ideas, policies, etc. out of both parties and use those things to form a third party, compromising in areas where compromise is needed.  

Possibly a couple of decades of "experts" telling people how to raise their children, what they must do, what they must never do, etc. and that coupled with the fact that in most household both parents work outside the home in order to provide for their families and so have come to depend on daycares, schools, and after school programs to provide the majority of the daily care/teaching of their children has played a large part in the mess we're all seeing. We now have younger adults, young adults, as well as those just reaching adulthood, many of whom believe they are entitled to be given the very things the rest of us worked for, and worked to achieve. 


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