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From: ObezlixJan-8 10:38 AM 
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Canada lost 62,600 jobs, more than double analyst expectations of a decline of 27,500, while the unemployment rate edged up to 8.6%, in line with expectations. Employment remains 3.3% below pre-pandemic levels. A number of regions across Canada have imposed harsher restrictions and lockdowns amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, with Canada’s daily new case average now topping 7,688. That has analysts anticipating further job losses.

Mendes added that the poor outlook for employment could put pressure on the Bank of Canada to further ease monetary policy. The central bank has said it could cut record low interest rates further if the economic situation worsens.

The Canadian dollar was little changed at 1.2681 per U.S. dollar, or 78.86 U.S. cents, after initially weakening after the data. The service sector, which has been hit by fresh restrictions on retail, food services and fitness facilities, lost 74,000 jobs, while employment in the goods sector rose by 11,300.

Canada loses 62,600 jobs in December, first decline since April

By Julie Gordon

OTTAWA (Reuters) -


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From: ObezlixJan-8 10:39 AM 
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Economy lost 63,000 jobs last month, first decline since April: Statistics Canada

by The Canadian Press Posted Jan 8, 2021 8:43 am EST

Statistics Canada says the economy lost 63,000 jobs in December in the first monthly decline since April amid tightened public health restrictions to slow a resurgence in the pandemic.

The unemployment rate edged up to 8.6 per cent compared with 8.5 per cent in November.

The result ended a streak of monthly job gains that began in May as restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the pandemic began to ease.

Full-time employment in December rose by 36,500, but there was a loss of 99,000 part-time jobs.

by The Canadian Press Posted Jan 8, 2021 8:43 am EST


From: ObezlixJan-8 10:42 AM 
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Here are the jobless rates last month by province (numbers from the previous month in brackets):

   -Newfoundland and Labrador 12.3 per cent (12.2)
   -Prince Edward Island 10.1 per cent (10.2)
   - Nova Scotia 8.6 per cent (6.4)
   -New Brunswick 9.3 per cent (9.6)
   -Quebec 6.7 per cent (7.2)
   -Ontario 9.5 per cent (9.1)
   -Manitoba 8.2 per cent (7.4)
   -Saskatchewan 7.8 per cent (6.9)
   -Alberta 11.0 per cent (11.1)
   -British Columbia 7.2 per cent (7.1)



From: AuntBetsieJan-8 3:26 PM 
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Recently I  have seen an entire street with hundreds of shops shut forever... Boutiques, Coffee shops, cool restaurants, all shut!

VERY sad...


From: Lana (Redneckbab1)Jan-8 6:36 PM 
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Newfoundland and Labrador are the highest, usually all summer is tourists and sailinh time - all that fun, which was cut due to Covid-19 etc...  that makes a huge gap too.. ...very sad!


From: BlackwyJan-9 12:09 PM 
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According to Statscan it's worse for part-time pay - it fell by 99,000 spots, while full-time employment fared better, up by 36,500 jobs. Youth employment slipped in December with employment of 15-24 year-old lingering 10.5% below pre-pandemic levels.


From: C J (CardJoker)Jan-10 5:10 AM 
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Global decline of human worth...


From: Heather (HeatherW33)Jan-13 5:42 AM 
To: Obezlix unread  (8 of 8) 
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Does anyone wonder who really profits of these lookdowns?


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