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From: Alucard (ARGEAN)6/7/03 1:00 AM 
To: Dena (UNICORN8)  (60 of 67) 
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You know me sweetie, in and out, just like a man... *laughs*

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From: Alucard (ARGEAN)6/7/03 1:01 AM 
To: Lightning Rider (nikkolya)  (61 of 67) 
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it's really very simple.. I tell people to accept me as I am or go to hell *grins*

From: grammie (grammie01)6/7/03 9:36 PM 
To: Alucard (ARGEAN)  (62 of 67) 
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as in :
all wiccans are pagans but not all pagans are wiccans is equal to
all catholics are christians but not all christians are catholic.

do that make sense?

brightest blessings,


From: Chakrachick6/8/03 2:11 PM 
To: grammie (grammie01)  (63 of 67) 
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Well said, Grammie!

If you're walking on thin ice, you may as well dance.

Check us out at Divinity Sisters

From: Alucard (ARGEAN)6/9/03 8:17 AM 
To: grammie (grammie01)  (64 of 67) 
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it makes sense. there's a major difference in philosophy between such as... dark pagans and wiccans. Such as there are differences between say... catholics and protestants, or southern baptists and lutherans.

From: Dena (UNICORN8) Posted by host6/12/03 7:11 AM 
To: Alucard (ARGEAN)  (65 of 67) 
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ ARGEAN }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Yes dear and I love you just the way you are


Love dena

Host of
Full Circle Dea


From: Alucard (ARGEAN)6/12/03 7:55 PM 
To: Dena (UNICORN8)  (66 of 67) 
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From: Dena (UNICORN8) Posted by host6/13/03 12:15 PM 
To: Alucard (ARGEAN)  (67 of 67) 
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ ARGEAN }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


Love Dena

Host of
Full Circle Dea


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