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From: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff)8/12/01 5:07 AM 
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Do you read tarot cards?
Yes, every day
Once a week or so
Once in a while
I don't but I would like to start
No, never

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From: Ralph (RBGlatt)8/12/01 8:45 PM 
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The only time I pull out my cards is when something's bothering me. I really should practice more. Unfortunately, I can't be very open about it IRL, since I live in the Catholic capitol of the US. :-(

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From: Deech (DragonDeech)8/13/01 10:54 AM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (3 of 30) 
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I do on occasion, but not that often anymore, as I don't feel terribly comfortable with my deck anymore. It's the Vision Tarot deck, that uses real actors as the major archona. I really think that the energy of the people in the pictures kind of "taint" the deck, and frankly kinda creeps me out when I use them. (see, I refer to the deck as "them" if that tells you anything..)

My wife has a Russian tarot deck that is very nice, but they belong to her so I don't use them.

I did recently aquire a deck made around 1920-1930 that I feel good about, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. The cards are all in french, so I have to decipher them first! :)

I'll post some pics of them sometime.

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From: Ceri (Ceridwen_fae) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/13/01 12:25 PM 
To: Deech (DragonDeech) Poll  (4 of 30) 
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I'm sure a couple of us could help you out with that French if you need it!

Blessings, Ceri
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From: Elizabeth Y (LizaYada)8/13/01 2:07 PM 
To: Deech (DragonDeech) Poll  (5 of 30) 
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French tarot words:
As - ace
Valet - page
Chevalier - Knight
Reine- queen
Roi - king

Deniers- pentacles, coins, earth, etc.
Coupes- cups
Batons - wands (there are other words for this suit, but batons is very common)
Epees - swords

The high priestess may be la papesse or la pretresse... anyway, the names of the major arcana vary a bit, so write them here (what's on your cards) and I'll translate. You may not need that, for example if the major arcana are numbered it should be pretty clear what's what (though cards 8 and 11 often get switched around, one is Strength/La Force, and the other is.. I can't remember offhand...anyway they get switched in many decks).


From: Deech (DragonDeech)8/13/01 2:18 PM 
To: Elizabeth Y (LizaYada) Poll  (6 of 30) 
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Wow! I should've asked in here earlier! :)

I'll post the ones that puzzle me when I get home. :)

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From: Sonic (DragonWylde)8/14/01 3:35 AM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (7 of 30) 
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I do read my cards quite a bit, mostly once a week though. The main deck I read is the "Faery Wicca Tarot" and that is the best one I have come across and that has called out to me to use, as well as one I feel in harmony with. It utilizes Celtic Deities, stories, Sagas, etc are incorporated into this deck; as well as alot of Faerie Lore.
The other decks I have used are Master Tarot (a decent deck) the "Morgan-Greer" Rider-Waitte" tarots (Good decks too but did not harmonize with me). My fav is the Faery Wicca deck thusfar. :)

Dragon's Blessings!


From: TheDncngBear8/14/01 11:54 PM 
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I seem to go in spurts these days, either reading on an almost daily basis then not for several months. Being an 'oldtimer' I still feel most comfortable with my dog eared Rider-Waites although I find adding in a bit of shamanism kind of tunes up the readings. :)

Right now I am working on my own deck. I have had a picture of how it should look in the back of my mind for a couple of years and finally I am finding the time *grin*. The first full draft of the cards is now 'in play' on my 'alternate' tarot site (not the prelim set up last week) MinimalWaite and you can see a 'first look' at the second draft at my gallery site Triple Entente (select 'New Works' and 'MinimalWaite2').

Comments appreciated!


From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/15/01 2:29 AM 
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From: Kini (Dankinia) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/01 3:09 AM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (10 of 30) 
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I just got a new deck the other day.  It is called The Vertigo Tarot.  It is published by DC Comics, so you can only get it through there web site or at comic book stores.  They took some of the characters from there comic book series and made them in to Major Arcana cards.  Very cool artwork, but I think I will continue to work with my tried and true Celtic Dragon Tarot, until I get an the Egyptian Tarot.

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