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From: pilot63 (PETEHAMEL)8/27/01 10:36 PM 
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Hi everyone.

My path has taken me towards herbalism. I am starting to grow herbs, what I can grow on my apartment porch, that is, and I am trying herbal magics and making herbal teas.

I want to know if there are any combinations of herbs, particularly for teas, that I should avoid. I know that some things can be dangerous if mixed together and I want to be careful, but at the same time, I want to be able to use my herbs and learn from them.

I have a few recipies for divination teas, purification teas, meditation teas, etc. Are there combinations I need to avoid? If so, could you please let me know or point me in the direction of a good source? Thanks,


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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/27/01 11:21 PM 
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Great questions Pete

I haven't delved to intensely into herbs-- I do sometimes make my own teas though

However there are people here who are quite knowledgeable when it comes to herbs and I am sure they will be answering your posts shortly!


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From: Joe (PastorTruss)8/28/01 3:16 AM 
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Pete, ^ There's a link to an online reference I've found to be quite handy!



From: Mandolynne (starrdust_)8/28/01 1:23 PM 
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Oohhh!  Herbs!

I absoloutely adore basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary - all great for poultry - no worries about anything other than bad breath in those...

Mint, lemongrass and sage make a good invigorating tea

another good tea is cinnamon, and cloves, along with a little allspice if your feeling quirky.

Nutmeg is one to be wary of in large doses one nutmeg will make you hallucinate, 2 are potentially fatal.  Never tried it but have a book with it.

Bay leaves are the secret clam chowder ingerediant - if you want to blow away your guests!

Parsley is friendly everywhere and good for breath.


That pretty much sums up my knowledge.  I lean more towards culinary use of herbs than visionary.  Definitely check out links and find out about the individual properties of each herb, no need to accidentally give yourself a coronary with too many stimulants.  Best of luck - tell me if you find anything fun - I'm interested!

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From: SMADRONIA8/29/01 1:53 AM 
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>>Bay leaves are the secret clam chowder ingerediant - if you want to blow away your guests!

Bay leaves are the secret ingrediant of almost any soup, my grandmother always cooked with them, so I now cook with them, and there is a difference, but I dont' know why. Any soup is better with a bay leaf or two.



From: Mandolynne (starrdust_)8/29/01 11:54 AM 
To: SMADRONIA  (6 of 13) 
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ohhhhhh yeah!

I used to eat lunch at this cafeteria, and the chef made his own soups - abbbbb-soloutely heavenly.  Dern now I'm hungry!

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From: Star-bellied (LuthienT)8/29/01 2:18 PM 
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While I'm hardly an expert on the subject, I've been studying herbs fairly intensely for about two years now. I guess my first suggestion would be to obtain a trustworthy book on the *medicinal* uses of herbs (which are very different from the magickal uses), since this will actually specify the effects of herbs upon the body when ingested. A good one is Varo Tyler's The Honest Herbal, which is a very comprehensive look at medicinal do's and don'ts. There are thousands of books on herbology out there, though, and any book that deals with medicinal uses will inform you about poisonous v. safe.

My favorite herb of the moment is Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris), which is a mild nervine, *excellent* for relaxation and clarity, without the sleepy effects of other nervines like valerian and skullcap. It makes *delicious* tea, especially if you mix it with licorice root and some kind of mint.

Anyway, blessings upon your discoveries!


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From: pilot63 (PETEHAMEL)8/29/01 9:50 PM 
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Thanks, Luthient!!! :)


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From: pilot63 (PETEHAMEL)8/29/01 9:53 PM 
To: Joe (PastorTruss)  (9 of 13) 
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I put that site onto my favorites. Thanks!!! :)


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From: Joe (PastorTruss)8/29/01 10:38 PM 
To: pilot63 (PETEHAMEL)  (10 of 13) 
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: ) You're very welcome, Pete! Any friend of Astarte's is a friend of mine.




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