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From: pilot63 (PETEHAMEL)9/1/01 7:02 PM 
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Thanks for all of your ideas!!! :)

I bought the books A Modern Herbal, volumes 1 and 2 at a local metaphysical store after looking at the site dedicated to Mrs. M. Grieve. I also found another book that could be helpful for people looking for information about herbal remedies. It is the PDR Family Guide to Natural Medications and Healing Therapies. It has all sorts of information about herbal medicines including what is safe and what isn't, which was the motivation for my question in the first place. I just got the three books today so I haven't read them yet.

I looked over the Modern Herbal books online and they are a great reference for people like me who are interested in using herbs for healing, cooking and for teas, which of course may be used for healing themselves. I usually make teas when I want to do healing.

The PDR seems to be a good modern guide with updates (the Modern Herbal books are from the 1930s) and it has a section that sheds light on the dangers of herbal misuse that might arise from simply not knowing specific individual attributes. That is what I get from the skimming I have done today with this book.

For magickal uses, I find that Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is a great resource. I am beginning to use it as I start using herbs for magickal purposes. The Green Witchcraft series by Ann Moura has great information on herbal magicks too. I just thought I'd pass that information on since you all were so helpful in putting me in the right direction. :)


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Merry meet, I have to agree with you on Cunninghams Encyclopedia and Ann Moura's Green Witchcraft series. I own both and they are on my favorite list. Love & light, HoneyDreads

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From: Angel_of_Death (ShadowWolf33)9/2/01 10:57 AM 
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My mother just bought me a new herb book at Sam's Club it is called ' Herbs' it is a visual guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world. It gives actual pictures of the herb not a drawing of it so you can identify you herbs in the wild better. It tells you where to find it and their uses.


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