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From: Mandolynne (starrdust_)10/22/01 6:22 PM 
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Me and my best gal!
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From: Dena (UNICORN8)10/22/01 6:33 PM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (2 of 23) 
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Blessings Creidwy

Both are simply lovely

Love Dena


From: Mandolynne (starrdust_)10/22/01 6:55 PM 
To: Dena (UNICORN8)  (3 of 23) 
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Ty!  Pik's is my beast!  We got her at a shelter as a feral kitten, and she just keeps on growing!  All the hair on top of it make her look like a gargoyle. :)

From: Majestic FlapFlaps (MAGIKCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/22/01 7:07 PM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (4 of 23) 
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You are so pretty! And I love your kitty too -- he looks all nice and snuggly.

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From: SumerWolf10/22/01 11:07 PM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (5 of 23) 
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Hey woman! Can't write me back huh?...JK Hey, let me know whats up whichoo. Trip to cally is still on so far, ...sup to you. Glad to see you coming around again. Still in eachother's footprints though, hehehe. Come over to the lair again anytime Star. You're always welcome amongst the wolves.

From: Mandolynne (starrdust_)10/22/01 11:18 PM 
To: SumerWolf  (6 of 23) 
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Howdy again - not bad company to be keeping with ;P  I meant to write, so that's halfway there.  I just have to get the actual writing part done.  I'm excited that I even got over to the copy place to get them scanned.  I've been meaning to for months and just never got around to it.  I will write you in less time than it took to get the pictures scanned.  Scouts Honor!

From: Guest Posted by host10/23/01 2:45 AM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (7 of 23) 
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Piki is a beautiful cat.  How is she handling the move?

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From: Deech (DragonDeech)10/23/01 10:38 AM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (8 of 23) 
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You are both quite lovely. :)

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From: Rose Chalice (RoseWolf2) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/01 1:13 PM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (9 of 23) 
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Nice to see you Starry!

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From: Dena (UNICORN8)10/23/01 2:05 PM 
To: Mandolynne (starrdust_)  (10 of 23) 
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Blessings Creidwy

I had one male cat (short haired) who wieghed 20 pounds LOL, and your lovely Pikiness, doesnt look like she will grow that large, but then she is a cat LOL

Love dena


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