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From: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff)1/15/02 1:40 PM 
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Charging money for Magickal workings is
Unethical-- we should do it for free
Is ok if it is your only means of making a living
There is nothing wrong with getting paid for your time and effort
it's great! You should make as much as you can
Let me tell ya....

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From: Aliehl (Nefti)1/15/02 2:05 PM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (2 of 14) 
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If someone comes to me for this, I really only charge enough to cover the supplies needed for the ritual ceremony(s).

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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/15/02 2:05 PM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (3 of 14) 
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I believe there is nothing wrong with getting paid for doing a service for someone else.
It becomes a problem when you are exploiting someone--charging an unreasonable price, being dishonest about what you can actually accomplish. I think you also have to take into consideration what the other person can handle, what they can understand and what they are actually ready for

From: Keirian1/15/02 3:05 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (4 of 14) 
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I agree that being paid a reasonable amount for time and supplies is not wrong.

My own story of charging and not charging for services.
For a while I used to do Tarot readings for friends for free. Actually I don't think I charged anybody at all as I was learning how to use the Tarot at the time. Then I had one friend(?) who started wanting a reading every couple of days. Then it was every day. Then it got to the point where she wouldn't make a decision without "consulting you and the cards".

At that point I started charging her, and to make it fair I told everyone that I was going to charge $35.00 an hour, and $10 for every quarter hour after the first hour.
Suddenly we weren't friends anymore, and she was very angry with me. But I stopped getting phone calls from her wanting me to make every decision for her thru my cards.
Many of my other friends just laughed and said okay.
But nobody asked me again. So I don't know if that's good or bad.


From: S1REN11/15/02 5:01 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Poll  (5 of 14) 
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I agree with Tarty.

LOL...I read that title and I was thinking in terms of charging a penny or something to use in a money spell. I was going, "what's wrong with THAT???" Oops! silly me :)



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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/16/02 2:58 AM 
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LOL.. I guess you could look at it that way

From: elrond331/16/02 12:19 PM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (7 of 14) 
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I was looking for "It's a good gig if you can get it," but you didn't offer that. LOL!

I have a friend down in the Bay area (a fellow RDNA Arch-Druid) who has a two-tiered fee schedule for spells cast. He charges $50 to cast a spell for you. $75 if it works. :)

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From: subcomandante dagaz (Iucundus)1/16/02 4:14 PM 
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i voted "unethical bla bla", coz that's closest. what i really meant is that i'd never do it coz knowing the goddess, magic &c. came to me as free gifts via one or the other magical moment of ... well, let's call it "spontaneous auto-initiation". when i work magic for someone it's usually sbd i know well and like well who has some problem or another and whom i feel an urge to help. plus, expenses for material amount to almost naught: all i need is a piece of cardboard to draw runes on and a red pen to do so. the rest is my ritual paraphernalia i have at home anyway. i think if i started to charge money for magic i might end up loosing those free gifts of the gods and being the same kind of depressed alcoholic i used to be before.




From: ThunderWolf (britespirit) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/16/02 6:08 PM 
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I had to choose let me tell ya as nothing else expressed my feelings on the matter. I feel it's ok to charge for the supplies being used but not for anything else. I feel when money gets involved-even if it doesn't make us more inclined to do something unethical-it might make us more inclined to do something we ordinarily wouldn't be bothered with. Not to mention the fact that if our sole motivation for doing the spell is money it's not going to be a very damn powerful one.
, ,

From: Guest1/16/02 11:20 PM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread Poll  (10 of 14) 
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It depends on your tradition. There are some that do charge money, but if you don't have money, you bring food, whatever you have in trade. I know card readers who have no other way of putting food on their table, and seen others who charge all kinds of money out of sheer greed.

Most folks are in the middle, and i think most folks "police" themselves, set their own limits.

Would i take money?


But i'll take a cigarrette.




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