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From: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff)1/15/02 2:50 PM 
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What "magickal jewelry" if any do you wear?
Do you wear it all the time?
Is it a sign of your faith that you want to show the world? or do you use it for protection? sheilding? another purpose? a combination ?

When you get a new piece of jewelry is there a process you use to cleanse and charge it?

If you lost a piece of magickal jewelry would you be crushed? How much energy do you put into a piece?

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From: Chakrachick1/15/02 3:56 PM 
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I used to wear my pentacle at all times- either my everyday pentacle, which is a silver pentacle on a black obsidian stone. My special occasion one was a pentacle intwined in celtic knotwork. I wore that one on holidays. Since I got pregnant, it hasn't felt right to wear my pentacles. Instead, I wear a necklace with a cow on the moon. I have been wearing that necklace since conception, and it feels right for the baby.

The other item I have worn for several years is the 8 pointed star of Chaos. I would wear it to ward off chaos. I didn't realize it had this ability until the first Xmas with my husband. He asked me if I would feel uncomfortable taking it off when we went to the Christmas eve service at the church he had been going to all of his life. I took it off. During the ceremony, there were tons of unexplained problems with the sound. He looked at me with wide eyes, and asked me not to take it off again. I wore it for many years, until I lost it on vacation! I was frantic, it was my good luck symbol and a kind of security blanket. I was with out one for over a year, when a good friend took his to a silversmith and had them make a copy. I still have it, but also took it off when I got pregnant.

When I get a new piece that I intend to use for protection, I get rid of any pre-existing energies by doing a ritual on the new moon- a simple ritual, using salt for earth, candle for fire, rain water for water and sage or insence for air. I ask for each element to wash it clean. Then, I put it away until the full moon, and do use the elements to charge it for protection.

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From: S1REN11/15/02 4:54 PM 
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My pentacle is for decoration :) It's broken right now...I have to glue the stone back in.

I also wear an obsidian arrowhead on a leather thong every minute of every day. I'm highly sensitive to the negative emotions of others, and I use the arrowhead to dissolve other people's junk so it won't hit me (while I'm in the process of working to make myself NOT so sensitive). It's also charged for protection against anything like that that's purposefully directed at me.

And it's freakin' sharp...ouch ;)


Oh yeah, there were two more questions, weren't there? Duh :)

With the pent and the arrowhead, I cleansed them both in saltwater and smudge.

I wouldn't be too crushed if my arrowhead broke (I would fix it). I'd feel pretty stupid if it got lost, but since I only take it off to go to sleep (see the "sharp" comment), if it DID get lost, it would be in my house and I'd just have to find it again. I would, however, be really upset if my pent got lost. i've been a lazy butt about fixing it...but I really love the way it looks, and I love the stone (larimar) I'd be really upset if I couldn't find it. It also cost $65 so....

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From: The Mountain Lynx (CidBurns)1/15/02 5:00 PM 
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I wear my pentacle, and a sterling silver chain, I've recently been wearing my grad ring, and I have a sterling silver ring that I'll sometimes wear on my thumb. I'm sure if I lost my pentacle, it would be the equevalent of a haunted piece of jewelry, in that it has so much of my energy in it, that someone who were to touch it would likely feel my presence. I wear it out al the time though, except at work, where I don't even wear it at all. I can still feel shipping and manufacturing nasties all over my grad ring. That'll take a while to get rid of, I'm sure. The ring itself has a scorpio symbol on one side, and a lynx on the other, it's made of white lustrium, and has a fire blue spinel set in it in a cut that makes it shine prismatically.

From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/16/02 2:43 AM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread  (5 of 14) 
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I have a pentacle with a raven perched on top/ around it that I have been wearing since Samhain of 1998-- it never comes off-- and rarely do I wear it inside my shirt. I got it at Avalon in Norwalk Ct during the First Night Samhain celebration of the CWPN. I forgot who made it, but I think it is a well-known crafter. Last year when I got the chance to hang out with Janet Farrar for a couple of weeks, she noticed it and said "Oh you have one of (whoever's) pieces!"

I have other jewelry that I wear-- a ring with Dagaz etched on it (it recently broke-- I wore that for years too) a silver ring with "waves" around it-- represents water to me (I'm a Scorp-- water sign) that a good friend (some of you might remember Gaijin) took off his finger 3 years ago and put on mine-- I rarely take that off either. A silver pentacle ring with malachite in it.

I always have a piece of malachite on me somewhere-- the ring and often earings or a bracelet with malachite in it. Sometimes I carry a piece of malachite.

When I get a new piece I often cover it in mugwort for a few days to cleanse it and then will pass it through the four elements


From: SMADRONIA1/16/02 2:55 AM 
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I have a pentacle I wear all the time, I picked it up in Salem, Massachusettes in Laurie Cabot's shop, March 1998. It comes off for the shower but that's it. If it was on a metal chain it would probably never come off, but it's black cord, and that get soggy in the shower.

I wore a piece of tiger's eye on a silver chain for year, from the time I was 11 until I was about 20. Then the chain broken and I just never got another chain for it, I should put it with my pentacle.

My pentacle is a sign of faith, although I never mention it unless someone asks about it. The tiger's eye was just a neat stone.

I don't charge or clense my jewelry, if it feels icky I'll do something, but usually icky feeling things don't attract me to them.

If I lose my pentacle I'd be sad, it's a plain interwoven one with a "laser cut" edge and I've never seen another one just like it. and I've never found one I like better, so finding a replacement would suck.


From: Debo (MoonMajick)1/18/02 1:04 PM 
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I have several- several- pieces of magical jewelry. All of it is precious to me. I have a variety of gold and silver pieces and many gemstone pieces. What I wear depends on the Sabbat or Esbat, my own personal needs at the time, or what I'm attempting to draw or project. Some days I don't wear jewelry at all but carry a gemstone or crystal in my pocket. I almost always have some sort of protective piece on me. I consecrate my jewelry and store it in protected and consecrated space. I am particularly fond of my pentacles but it depends on what I'm wearing and the company I am keeping whether I wear them in or out. I have pieces I wear ONLY during rituals and they have been empowered for use only with certain rituals. I'm obsessive-compulsive! ;)

From: REDGROVE1/18/02 6:44 PM 
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Merry meet. I usually hang out at the Thicket or the Cauldron but you caught my eye and I have been lurking for a while now, reading your differnt threads.

As for Magickal Jewelry, I wear a silver Gaia on a silver chain around my neck 24/7. When people ask me about it I tell them that this necklace for me is as a Cross is to a Christian or a Star of David is to a Jew. I also wear a pentacle stud in one ear just above my mundane earrings and an anklet made up of the same pentacles. I find I've made it a habit to cleanse this everyday jewelry during Sabbat rituals. So I suppose the answer is that I wear this jewelry as an outward sign of my beliefs.

I have to admit though that when we visit with my In-laws I switch my Gaia for a Star of Chaos and I take off the anklet (the ear stud stays.) I like my In-laws very much and they are devout United Methodists. No sense "stirring to pot (or Cauldron)" with them so to speak. If they mention the pentacle earring the discussion is offically open and my husband says he is okay with that. But I don't want to seem as though I am throwing Wicca in their faces.

As for Ritual jewelry, I have a large (1-1/4" dia, that's large for me) Pentacle with a Moonstone. I wear it for all Esbat and Sabbat rituals and store it on a small alter I keep in my bedroom at all other times.



From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)1/18/02 7:00 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 14) 
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My pentagram. I never take it off

From: phaedrus451/18/02 8:06 PM 
To: Pagan Realm Staff (APRstaff) unread  (10 of 14) 
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my grandfather was in the allution islands from the 1920s -ww2 and the only thing i have of his is a ivory necklace carved by aluet indians from back then, it kinda looks like a heart with a knob sticking out of the top, ive never seen the shape anywhere else.ive got it strung on a leather strap, it feels good and i cant help but feel something from it

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