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From: Moonlit Woman (fantasydance)4/2/02 8:16 PM 
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Hello to all,

I am seeking video or photographic proof of magick in action. If you can help feel free to e-mail me direct!


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Kimberly Schmidt

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From: Bluehawk (Bluehawk9) Posted by host4/2/02 11:20 PM 
To: Moonlit Woman (fantasydance) unread  (2 of 4) 
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Clarke's Law: "Any sufficiently advanced form of technology is indistinguishable from magic."

So, look at your latest video production. Imagine describing it to someone even one century ago, let alone three or more. Magic, huh?

Now go see "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings" (or any of literally thousands of other Hollywood special-effects productions). Then ask yourself - can anything on video be separated from magic, according to Sir Arthur's law? How do you prove otherwise? THEN, prove that what you are seeing on any particular video along the lines you are requesting is provably Magick, rather than just effects and post-editing.

I don't believe that anything can be known for certain. Ultimately everything, including our belief in our own existance, is merely unprovable opinion. But then, that's just my opinion...

So there's no video that can conclusively prove - or disprove - the existance of Magick. But your hobby is essentially harmless, so have fun.

Bright blessings,

"She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "I got better..."


From: The Mountain Lynx (CidBurns)4/4/02 3:04 PM 
To: Moonlit Woman (fantasydance) unread  (3 of 4) 
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If you want pictures or proof of magick in action, you needn't look very far. It's a part of all of us, and plays an active role in our lives, whether we're aware of it or not. The real proof is not in pictures, but in experience. When one has finally found the magick in even the most mundane things, there can be found no better proof of magick in action than that experience. Video and photograph are simply not advanced enough to adequately record the real magick (unless you're into psychometry, but that's a different story altogether!).

From: Elizabeth Y (LizaYada)4/13/02 3:32 PM 
To: Moonlit Woman (fantasydance) unread  (4 of 4) 
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I second everything the other posters said.

But also, I'm having trouble figuring out what you meant. Do you mean, you want video or photographic evidence of spells working??? If so, I cannot for the life of me imagine a spell I've ever done that COULD be proven to have worked with a photo or video. It's not like I sit in my circle levitating spoons, or anything. Spells normally take a little while to show evidence of working. How could you use video, for example, to demonstrate that my get-a-job spell on a Tuesday brought about a great job offer on Wednesday?

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