Photos!! Where's yours? -  a real rainlily!!! (26 views) Notify me whenever anyone posts in this discussion.Subscribe
From: Rainlily (WISTERIA2)4/18/02 9:42 AM 
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hey look it's me er um well sort of...
so ha!!!!! to those who thought there was no such thing
as an actual rainlily
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From: Rainlily (WISTERIA2)4/18/02 9:45 AM 
To: Rainlily (WISTERIA2)  (2 of 4) 
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OOPS look like i got bit more than I bargained for
hmm let's see if i can find a better pic...

From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)4/23/02 6:36 PM 
To: Rainlily (WISTERIA2)  (3 of 4) 
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Intersting pic LOL Do you really look like that????!!!
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From: S1REN15/11/02 1:09 PM 
To: Rainlily (WISTERIA2)  (4 of 4) 
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Looks like you have some water lilies and a yellow flag iris there :) WAter garden plants are SOOO pretty! The pink lily at bottom right of your picture, I think is a Pink Rain Lily (zephranthes spp.)--we have white ones growing wild here in TExas. They're very simple little flowers, but they only bloom right after it rains (hence the name). Picture attached :)



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