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From: Druiddess /|\ (LaFey23)5/6/02 5:19 PM 
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A FREE beginners class in Druidcraft (as interpreted by the Order of The Mithril Star of The Reformed Druids of North America) will begin via email on June 22. Enrollment will be open until June 29. To enroll, send a blank email to, OR you can visit the class website at

For more information about the Order, the Reformed Druids or the class, visit the OMS site at, or the RDNA site at

May you never thirst.

In the Mother,

Angie Druid Fulmer /|\
Clerk, Cylch Sequoia Sempervirons Grove, OMS-RDNA

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From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)5/7/02 1:05 PM 
To: Druiddess /|\ (LaFey23)  (2 of 6) 
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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the last two links you have in your post didn't seem to work. The geocities site gave a "whoops can't find" message and the other one just didn't go anywhere. Just an FYI.

        EDD: 9/24/2002

From: skyswan5/7/02 4:50 PM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (3 of 6) 
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The non-geocities one works. I may have had to try it a few times (I don't remember), but it did work.


To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie--
True Poems flee--

Emily Dickinson, 1879.

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See which Greek Goddess you are.


From: Helen, the Crazy Cat Lady (ching_serve) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/7/02 11:43 PM 
To: Druiddess /|\ (LaFey23)  (4 of 6) 
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Just wanted to let you know: I just finished the course. Learned a lot, met a bunch of cool people. Thanks for posting it again.

I Am
Celtic Goddess of Poetry.
I'm a freaky writer type that doesn't like to leave the house. I'm probably a lot smarter than you.
What Celtic Goddess are You?
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From: Druiddess /|\ (LaFey23)5/8/02 12:31 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (5 of 6) 
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I see the problem! There is an "," at the end of the url that somehow Delphi made part of the link. Take that out and you are home free.

BTW - I LOVE this board! Every time I come here you've got a new "I am" quiz going on. I'm going to scurry off and try the "Which Celtic Goddess Am I? " one right now :)


From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)5/8/02 9:25 AM 
To: Druiddess /|\ (LaFey23)  (6 of 6) 
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Glad you like the Realm! Those "personality" tests can get down right addictive at times... LOL.

Thanks for the clue on the link!

        EDD: 9/24/2002

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