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From: MythBlade (Talismonger)5/17/02 4:25 PM 
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My landlady is sick, been that way for seven days. I think it's mostly stress and depression, but it's acting like flu. Anyone got some suggestions for some herbal supplements/teas, etc.?

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From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)5/18/02 7:05 PM 
To: MythBlade (Talismonger)  (2 of 4) 
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Gosh, hon.. need more details.

If it's depression St John's Wort is good.. but (depending on her age and need) she should be cautious with it if she's on the Pill.. I've heard SJW tends to weaken the Pill's b/c effect.

Stress? B vitamins are a MUST. Won't get rid of what's causing the stress but when our bodies are under "attack" we get depleted of B vitamins. A good B-50 complex (has many B's at 50mg a shot in each tablet) is a good start.

Flu like symptoms.. they could be varied... what KIND of symptoms? Also, some people think they have the flu but it's something else entirely. She may want to consult a doc to see if it IS the flu or something else. Digging into natural resources without knowing more details can be asking for trouble.

HOWEVER... a good way to boost the immune system is to add Vitamin C, zinc (no more than 100mg a day) and echinacea to the diet. Echinacea should not be used all the time though... should be used intermittantly when needed. Also she should research for contradictions with any other supplements or meds she may already be taking. Also, stressing a healthy diet with plenty of water can also hellp. Cutting down or out completely, alcohol, caffeine, sugary foods, fatty stuff and the like can help. Adding fresh fruits and veggies, eating close to the source, whole grains rather than white flour products can help our bodies run more effectively and efficiently. Sometimes when we feel run down, dragged out and like something the cat just played with it can be traced to a poor diet, not enough sleep or something behavioral rather than medical. Again, details can help.

I doubt much of this helped. More details or an actual diagnosis would be much better in recommending specific things.

        EDD: 9/24/2002

From: aunticee5/22/02 10:25 PM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (3 of 4) 
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St johns wort should be used if she is bipolar (sorry, just experience)

From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)5/23/02 1:52 PM 
To: aunticee  (4 of 4) 
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Don't ever apologize for your experience. ;) Thanks for chiming in! LOL

        EDD: 9/24/2002

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