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From: kaishay DelphiPlus Member Icon9/25/02 6:37 AM 
To: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)  (11 of 14) 
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lol, those are good, i especially like the one hat says 'Stop usung Jesus as an excuse for being a smallminded, biggoted Asshole"

Follow your Dreams, May their Spirits Guide you!

We are the Music makers, we are the Dreamers of Dreams!


Sherwood City ((RPG))

 Hey look, i'm feeling a bit The current mood of at

If i should die this very moment I wouldn't fear
For I've never known completeness like being here
Wrapped in the warmth of you
Loving every breath of you
Still my heart this moment or it might burst

Could we stay right here til the end of time
Til the earth stops turning
Wanna love you til the seas run dry
I've found the one I've waited for

All this time I've loved you and never known your face
All this time I've missed you and searched this human race
Here is true peace, here my heart knows calm
Safe in your soul, bathed in your sighs

Wanna stay right here til the end of time
Til the earth stops turning 
Gonna love you til the seas run dry
I've found the one I've waited for
                 -Lamb - Gorecki

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From: MissBanjo DelphiPlus Member Icon10/22/02 1:12 AM 
To: ljrose  (12 of 14) 
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LOL that's what I was looking at on that site. I currently have:

Visualize Whirled Peas
Pagan & Proud
Are you a good witch or a bad witch? (exactly like that site one)

Live Moon Phase Display

Click to see my kitties

Blessed samhain


From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)10/22/02 9:44 AM 
To: MissBanjo DelphiPlus Member Icon  (13 of 14) 
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I have bumper sticker for:

Witch parking only... all others will be toad.
An' it harm none do as you will
In perfect love and perfect trust
Don't take life seriously... it isn't permanent!

I REALLY want:
Don't Believe Everything You Think
Hate is Not a Family Value
I Think, Therefore I 'm Dangerous
If You're Not Outraged, You Are Not Paying Attention
Sorry I missed church, I've been busy practicing Witchcraft!
Spiritual People Inspire Me, Religious People Frighten Me

And I really like these, but I am not really anti-Christian and they may give the wrong impression:
Christians Aren't Perfect, They Just Want You to Be
God Protect Me From Your Followers
God Wants Spiritual Fruits... Not Religious Nuts
I've Got Nothing Against God, Its His Fan Club I Can't Stand



From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)10/22/02 9:54 AM 
To: MissBanjo DelphiPlus Member Icon  (14 of 14) 
 8094.14 in reply to 8094.12 
OOOOH! And I just noticed:

My job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
We Are Not Human Beings Having A Spiritual Experience. We Are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience!

<runs to get her checkbook! LOL>


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