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From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)11/14/02 5:36 PM 
To: Silverfire (Jenova23)  (3 of 8) 
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Out you go to get the book "Witchcraft Today" my dear! LOL

Don't worry... it will blow over (eventually). Very few people are disowned for it once they figure out that you are not going to sacrifice the family cat at your next rite!


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From: Silverfire (Jenova23)11/14/02 11:31 PM 
To: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)  (4 of 8) 
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*sweatdrop* Well, as it turns out granny didn't say what I thought she said. And apparently my Aunt (whom I suspect is a Witch) repeated the situation with a similar bag and her own Witchy books. My grandma said my Aunt said that she (my Aunt) had more books on the subject that I, which I disagree with :P
And do you know, I once HAD the oppurtunity to GET Witchcraft today but instead got the Grimore of Lady Sheba because of the RECEPIES! Damn it, I was SOOOOOOO friggin' STUPID! *kicks self* I swear I am a stupid stupid person and evidently I haven't quite finished being a teenager yet...I still make the occasional REALLY catacylsmically dumb mistake, like wasting thirty dollars on Lady Sheba....grrr!

From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)11/15/02 4:52 PM 
To: Silverfire (Jenova23)  (5 of 8) 
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Well... I am not sure if that is worse than someone like me who owns only the barest essentials due to the fact that they are ecclectic and read the other stuff from friends or the library and decided not to buy ANY of them!

Most of my books are simply really good reference guides... you know, like "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" and such.




From: Silverfire (Jenova23)11/16/02 12:29 AM 
To: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)  (6 of 8) 
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Luckily I was never a fluff-bunny, even though my very first book on 'Wicca' was 'Celtic Magic' by D.J. Conway; how I escaped that horrible fate I do not know, but perhaps the fact that I found the book in the basement had something to do with it (hey, you never know!). But I always take most of what I read with a grain of salt and most of all anything 'celtic'. However, the book does have some very good information in it if you disregard the history section, and best of all it dosen't spell 'magick'.
However, my second book was 'The Complete Idiot's Giude to Wicca and Witchcraft' which was and is amazing. I keep telling my High Prietess that we have to get it for the coven library because it's great.
My third book was 'A Witches' Bible' which I occasionally read for PLEASURE because the way the Farrars write (or, Stewart wrote) is so great and it seems as though they're right there talking to me.
After that things get sketchy, even though I 'started out' around a year and a half ago.
But no, I never became fluffy. I HAVE read part of 'To Ride a Silver Broomstick' because I was told that a certain part of it on Christianity was vile; I found it to be hate-filled and vile (the section of the book). 'Teen Witch' I never considered because I thought the cover was ugly and so were the people on it (the male person on the cover looked far too arrogant and mean to my eye).
And yes, the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs to which I refer at least once a week :)

From: Leanan_Sidhe (ALDYTH2)11/18/02 5:34 PM 
To: Silverfire (Jenova23)  (7 of 8) 
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I suppose that is one nice thing about using mostly reference source books and writing your own spells... little chance of fluffydom since the only rule you follow is not causing dirrect harm to anyone!

<Aldyth may be off-brand peanut butter... but she is fluff free (she prefers apple jelly!)>



From: Morgana33 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/11/02 9:44 AM 
To: Silverfire (Jenova23) unread  (8 of 8) 
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MM and pardon for butting in. :-)

I just wanted to tell you that I love Lady Sheba's Grimoire, so stop kicking yourself.  Get Witchcraft for Today the next time.  I've had great luck with Amazon's used books.  Terrific prices and the quality has always been good.

As to fluffy bunny.  There is nothing wrong with it.  I love the writings of McCoy, Conway, Cunningham and Telesco.  I just read them knowing that historically, they are pretty much lost.  There are some people who have been searching for that sort of spiritual home all their lives.  History is not important for them, they  just want to live peacefully with nature and honor the Lord and Lady. 

For the rest of us, our spiritual path is much deeper (I am a Welsh Witch) and we have a strong connection with the history and ancestry of our path.  That's good too.  But even I came by way of the Llewellyn stable of books -- that and Laurie Cabot.  For most, it is a good beginning.  You are correct in that the history sections in these books are rife with error.  The Farrars "Bible" is certainly more historically correct.  I have an extensive list of more historically correct writings if you are interested.  In the meantime, enjoy the journey. :-)


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