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From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)8/5/03 2:45 PM 
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Greetings Witches, Pagans, Wiccans and Heathens,

While each turn of the Wheel seems to prompt us here at TWV to reflect and reevaluate, this past week was really more of a punch in the gut. Site traffic continues to be up (Last Month 494,126 visitors consumed 2,445,121 pages of information). Financial support continues to fade away. And what we are looking at here...Well, what are we looking at here?

Everything. We are looking at everything. We are looking at the possibility of closing down because we cannot afford to stay up beyond the end of September. We are looking at the possibility that the lack of financial support may mean that most of you no longer find what we do here useful enough to be worthy of Your Contribution . We are considering even that TWV may have simply run its course (and that's ok).

Our deal with you and with our Gods has always been a simple one: We would maintain the site for you as long as the community support for it was there... Is it? We just don't know at this point. However this turns out, we do know this: It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.

A Huge UPDATE - This week we kick things off with a passionate Rant from Wren detailing our frustration with the theft of our good name (for personal profit), community reactions, attacks on other Pagans, and much to think about... Also featured this week: Details on how you can support TWV with your credit card via PayPal, timely Witchvox reviews of 'Sirius Rising' by Don/Daniella Waterhawk and 'Hands of Change' by Steven E. Repko, a power new piece by Kerr, a wonderful new Trad profile on Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and your first round of Practical Magick Essays. It's also worth noting that last week saw a massive amount of new networking submissions for YOUR area (over 1,100 new events, groups, Pagans, links etc...). To experience these features simply scroll down on this page.

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From: JCP (SumerianWolf) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/13/03 9:25 PM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (2 of 5) 
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They had an overwhelming response and will be able to continue past the end of the year just with what they have recieved in the past few days. I am already a card carrying sponsor of Witchvox. Gave 'em a few hundred last year. Its pretty cool, you get a card and a big letter signed by Wren herself! (I held it to the light and yep, she actually signed it, you could see the imprint from the ball point pen....hows that for me being pathetic huh?)

I knew they would pull thru. They are just usually too wonderfully humble there, Wren and Fritz, to ask for help until they are in deep. But as a sponsor myself, thank you for posting this on here and getting the word out. It was surely a contributing factor.




From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)8/15/03 11:49 AM 
To: JCP (SumerianWolf) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 5) 
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Thanks for the update sweetie!! I've been SWAMPED lately and hadn't had the chance to post lately... aaack! At least I'm making money... and most my clients have a/c.. this is a good thing indeedy! LOL..

From: JCP (SumerianWolf) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/03 11:57 AM 
To: Saffire (SAFFIREM)  (4 of 5) 
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Go there and check out the latest update on the start page. They are all extremely overwhelmed with the response they got. I wish I had been able to help again but I'm sure my 500 last year was appreciated, lol. The staff there are just so humble and human and so genuinely good in heart and soul. How could any self respecting human being not appreciate them?



From: Saffire (SAFFIREM)8/15/03 12:13 PM 
To: JCP (SumerianWolf) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 5) 
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I know I do! I've always loved their site and the way they've always worked to expand things and keep it ad free is WAY appreciated by me, that's for sure. Years leading up to now were financially turbulent and tough on us so I had nothing to give but this year.. well, I've got my tax "refund" and I think I'll be giving it to folks that need it more than we do right now (which is a good thing! LOL)... some to witchvox, some to our struggling lil' library dealing with their cuts, not sure where else.. our local fire house too, of course. They're a yearly obligation in my heart though.. I can't imagine having to call on them sometime without putting in at least a small donation (they're entirely volunteer run).

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