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From: Alli (AlliJaguar)11/30/03 11:01 PM 
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I go MIA using art class as an excuse and this is all I come up with? Yes its an assignment, the final project for class. A coke ad. Yeah... well, shuddap.

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From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/1/03 10:41 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (2 of 11) 
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I think it's cool. Did you use Photoshop?

Be your own hero.

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)12/1/03 12:16 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (3 of 11) 
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yupyup, its a class on using photoshop, the second class. Next is "Computer Illustration" using a mac and something, and I've gotta get that all done at school cuz I don't have a mac.

but that will be my next computer... oh yes...


From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/1/03 1:35 PM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (4 of 11) 
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Cool! I've been learning to use Photoshop in the past two months, myself. ;-)

Be your own hero.

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)12/1/03 10:48 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (5 of 11) 
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If you're not up for taking a course on it, just go to a used textbook store and ask for the Photoshop books.

From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/2/03 7:59 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (6 of 11) 
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Well, I'm almost done with the course, now, and getting the book was part of the course. What sucks is that I don't think I'll be able to get Photoshop 7.0 to run on my home computer. It's only 200 mHz.

Be your own hero.

From: Alli (AlliJaguar)12/2/03 8:43 PM 
To: Ralph (RBGlatt)  (7 of 11) 
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eek... you could always use Adobe Illustrator. It doesn't have all the features and tools of photoshop but has enough to be a good program to play with. :)

From: Ralph (RBGlatt)12/3/03 7:58 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (8 of 11) 
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I should be able to get an older version of Photoshop from my brother,, but it would be nice to use 7.0!

Be your own hero.

From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/5/03 12:05 AM 
To: Alli (AlliJaguar)  (9 of 11) 
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Gotta get a MAC!

I have two now-- an old dinosaur of a G3 with 2 monitors that I inherited from my roommate. I use this most often and usually have windows open in both monitors (i have to multi-task! It's my nature!)

And a new i-book that my roommate bought me for my birthday. It's great--we've got wireless and it has an airport card so I can take it anywhere, and it's got a great picture and plays DVD's better than my DVD player. I'm peicing together a movie of Joe doing heavy weaponry at SCA events. I'll put it up somewhere on the net when I am finished



From: Alli (AlliJaguar)12/5/03 10:06 PM 
To: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 11) 
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If I had a MAC I would buy a second monitor: an image in photoshop being worked on in one, so I can see full screen, and all the pallettes and tool bars (or Mozilla) in the other. ;)

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