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From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/3/04 8:12 AM 
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guys didnt know where to put this one but has anyone got any knowledge of legal matters here in the UK or can point me in the direction of the info....


I moved three months ago, and I still have not recieved my flat Deposit back for my last place of residence.

The landlord took 1 month to even answer my question of 'where is my deposit?' when he did he refused to give me any back. after trying to get him to explain why he offered half back due to some work I had done to my room in the flat. its now 3 months since I moved out and he wont answer my emails.

In my room I had painted a medium sized painting on one wall, easily covered but just to give the room some feeling. before doing this I asked him for permission, of which he gave. also I asked if I could put 2 shelves up and again he gave permission.

His view is that I owe him paint and materials to put the room back, also he has mentioned that he put a new carpet in the room.

My point to him was that the one tin of paint and 1 tube of polyfiller would not cost £150 (cmon) I stated that I would be happy to pay for a good sized tin of paint and a tube of polyfiller but only when he showed me the reciepts for them, and furthermore I would not pay for a new carpet as the one that was there was in the same condition as it was when our left bar one years wear and tear (I didnt leave any stains, tears etc).

I really need some help on this. I want to take him to court but I dont know my rights on this one.


I have not countersigned any inventory for the room before I moved in or after I moved out. so I have this on my side.

thoughts? can anyone aid me?

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From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/3/04 12:47 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (2 of 7) 
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I wouldn't know where to go in the UK for something like that.

I do hope that you find an answer and get the money you have coming to you!


From: Kirsten (koshugi)2/3/04 12:50 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (3 of 7) 
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From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/4/04 7:16 AM 
To: Kirsten (koshugi)  (4 of 7) 
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tis indeed my friends...



From: Stoneheart (RustyK3)2/8/04 4:11 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (5 of 7) 
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He owes you.

Check with your local Citizens Advice Bureau and if neccessary prepare to take him to the Small Claims Court and sue for the money (for a sum like this it's free). You may find that the threat of legal action is enough to make him open his dusty wallet. Good luck


From: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)2/11/04 4:55 AM 
To: Stoneheart (RustyK3)  (6 of 7) 
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cheers mate

I have done the deed and sent him a letter today describing exactly what I intend to do if he doesnt cough up the dosh.

lets see what happens!


From: Tarty (RAVENGIL) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/11/04 12:48 PM 
To: Painwraith CPU =VOID Corp= (banewraith)  (7 of 7) 
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Best of luck with that!

Let us know how it turns out


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